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Dear Guest,

* no more questions for a while.

It you are interesting in sending a question to Daniel,
please read carefully the following paragraphs:

1. I devote numerous hours prior to each FC 
    in sorting, editing, printing and prepare the questions.
    All those involved in the FC are volunteers who don't
    receive any salary.
    Please read the answers that already appear in our
    It is possible that you will find the answer for your
    question there.

2. Please make your question short and clear.
    The FC with Daniel takes about an hour or two,
    and we are limited to the number of question we are
    able to present.
    Furthermore, the FC takes place only once every several
    Consequently short questions will be presented to him
    before long ones.

3. Please refrain from submitting personal questions.
    Preference will be given to questions concerning the

4. I also request that the subject of the question be indicated
    in its beginning.

5. If possible please send questions in Hebrew and not in

6. I want to take this opportunity to ask the forgiveness of
    those surfers who have sent questions but weren't
    answered.  I try to the best of my ability to answer all
    questions.  If you think your question is truly important
    but you weren't answered, please send the question
    again.  But first, please look over the above paragraphs
    carefully beforehand.

7. Details about the dates of the coming FC with Daniel
    will be publicized in the beginning of the site.

Daniel's father

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