FC with Daniel,  July 2009

We should learn from what has happened to the woman who has been accused by the reshaim of mistreating her child, chas veshalom. We should learn that we are not allowed to trust reshaim to the point of forgetting Hashem, that He is kol yachol and our only salvation.

Why did she believe them? Because even the frum community has been blinded by what is known as so-called "professionalism". The frum have become an easy victim for the unscrupulous non-believing professionals in almost every field because they are dazzled by the superficial olam hazeh knowledge that they seem to have.

The frum community for the most part is yearning to have the gashmius that the goyishe world has. And therefore instead of believing in Hashem and davening to Him for all our needs, we trust doctors, lawyers, soldiers, policemen, banks, stock markets, hospitals, bituach leumi etc.

This is our egel hazahav that we have fashioned and we are dancing wildly around it, hoping that it will save us. The demonstrations that the Charedim have made against the tremendous injustice that has been done against this woman - and all the Charedim that have suffered from various government offices - are helping to separate the frum Jews from the egel hazahav.

But this is only the beginning. So many frum Jews are not willing to walk away from their idol, and so Hashem, as with the first egel hazahav, will destroy all those who have had any part in making or worshiping this idol. There is always the possibility of doing teshuvah, but since the erev rav made and worshipped the egel hazahav [this egel hazahav also, just as was the case then in the desert], their chances of survival are much less.

I daven to Hashem that all Am Yisroel, whether in America, Europe, Israel or any other place in the world, will destroy the egel hazahav with their own hands; grind it into dust and throw it to the four winds. Then, and only then, can we all be saved. There is only one G-d in this world. He is everything, He is our creator and He is the only one we can trust or pray to - Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

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