Q&A with Daniel, part 1H

Questions and Answers With Daniel - Chapter 1
(This chapter was translated from Hebrew).

In the fourth facilitated communication with Daniel
(chapter 13) I understood that he is extremely pleased
to have this opportunity.
(Daniel: ... I feel that at long last I have a mission in the world... Yes, I want to answer the questions people are sending me, I really want do).

We therefore added to our Internet site the capability of
sending questions to Daniel...dozens of questions have arrived from all over the world...

First Meeting Thursday, Jerusalem, January 18, 2007

In the evening before the FC, I planned to prepare the questions in an orderly fashion, but Daniel didn't feel good, and we were forced to spend the night in a hospital.
We went to sleep a little before four o'clock in the morning.
At the FC meeting we were all dead tired.
We only managed to look over a small number of questions.
We hope to continue with the other questions at the next meeting.

Daniel: Write them that anyone who has general questions should address them to Dannie, and then collect together all of the questions and I will answer them.
But please stress that they must be general questions and not personal ones.

First question:

Father: Mr. R. from Bat Yam writes:
Shalom Daniel! I am sick and suffer tremendously.
My heart doesn't function properly.
Doctors have catheterized me already twice.
I receive insulin injections four times a day.
I suffer from some illness in my bones.
I am 56 years old and from the age of 40 I feel like an old woman.
I can walk only with great difficulty.
All this bothers me terribly.
It is understandably difficult for me to live like this. What should I do?

Daniel: Your story saddens me. We (the autists), however, don't answer personal questions, but one thing I can tell you:
Your prayers are of utmost importance in Heaven.
A Jew who suffers as you do, doesn't suffer for no reason at all.
Everything that happens to a person is a tikun (a way of rectifying our soul) even if it is difficult.
You shouldn't, however, decline in your love for Hashem.
I therefore bless you to be privileged, with Hashem's help, to greet the Mashiach and he will completely cure you.
He will also cure all sick Jews and all those who, despite their suffering, retain complete faith in Hashem and trust Him.
They are the ones who left Egypt and they will attain complete redemption, with Hashem's help.

Second question:

Father: Alonah writes:
Dear Daniel.
I'm presently thirty-four years old and still single.
I suffer terribly because of this.
My brother is thirty-five years old and has not yet married either, and the agony he goes through is not easy at all.
In general, all members of the family suffer some sort of misfortune and frequently encounter setbacks, impediments and lack of success.
I want to ask what to do.
With many thanks-Alonah

Daniel: Again I must emphasize that I can't answer personal questions.
However, if there is such a problem in a family they need to engage in acts of loving-kindness to others.
You must engage in such activities from morning to night in order to remove the spiritual "plug" that has fallen on you.
Help others from morning to night, and Hashem will help you marry and bring forth a new generation for the Jewish Nation.

Third question:

Father: It is difficult to detach myself from music since I love it.
It is equally difficult to detach myself from all sorts of things that I possessed in This World.
But on the other hand, why should I detach myself from them as long as I serve Hashem.
Why are you so obstinate concerning this?

Daniel: One is unable to detach oneself from This World because he doesn't want to, and not because he can't.
Without detaching oneself from this world one can never attain truth.
One attains a half-truth, which is also falsity.
A person unprepared to separate himself from the music that he loves even if it is treif shows that it has imbedded itself to his neshama, his approach to life, and such a person cannot ask Hashem to leave Egypt.
His love for music is similar to saying that he observes mitzvot but cannot stop eating a little pork.
Eventually it will be permitted to eat pork, so why not now?

Forth question:
Father: Is it so terrible if a person observes all 613 mitzvot but every day hears non-Jewish music?
Daniel: Non-Jewish music is not less treif than pork.
Pork enters one's stomach.
And non-Jewish music enters the neshama.

Father, this is enough for today...

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