Q&A with Daniel, part 2

Part 2 - Questions and Answers with Daniel.
Jerusalem, January 30, 2007

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Subj: Lofty Neshamah and What Does a Person Need to
Question: I want to know if my neshamah is a lofty one,
  and how can I contribute to accelerating the coming of the
  Redemption. What do I need to rectify?
  Again I must say that I don't answer personal questions
  (actually it is forbidden for me to do so).
  Nonetheless every Jew has an extremely lofty neshama and
  Hashem personally attends to him.
  He Himself (Hashem) inserts life within a newly born baby.
  Hashem plans that baby's life.  Hashem takes care of him.
  A Jew's duty is only to perform Hashem's will.
  If a Jew does performs Hashem's will he has both This
  World and the World-to-Come. Charming Jew, you have a
  marvelous neshamah but the problem is with your body.
  And if we elevate the body to a level of kedusha (holiness)
  each one of us can reach a sublime spiritual level.

  Just as the Torah writes, "Let us make man"(Genesis 1:26)
  which means that Hashem has made us, created us...
  But we too need to elevate ourselves, and that must be the
  result of both Hashem's efforts and our own.
  I therefore bless you and the whole Jewish Nation with a
  great deal of success. One‘s shaping his spiritual self isn't
  at all easy. May we all be privileged to build ourselves
  together with Hashem's help and in that way reach a
  towering level both in spiritual and material wealth.
  We must, however, remember that material wealth exists
  only to serve what is spiritual.


Topic: Despaired and Dejected Woman Wants to Repent.
Questioner: Tal. of Jerusalem.
Question: I want to become a baalat teshuva (repentant)
  but it is a grueling process for me. The emptiness of this
  mundane world dejects me and consequently it is back
  breaking to sanctify myself.
Daniel: A Jew who has despaired is a Jew who has gone
  over to the side of the evil inclination. Despair blinds a
  person, making him incapable of seeing the truth.
  Tal, you cannot see Hashem, so to speak, sense him since
  you are enveloped in depression, in despair. You must
  sever yourself from such feelings and then you will see the
  truth. You will then begin smiling and enjoying yourself
  because only then will things be clear. Tal, I pray for you
  since it is a pity that you find yourself in such a condition.
  The evil inclination has grabbed you. You need to free
  yourself from it.

Ask:  S.
Question: Is becoming a baal teshuva (repentant) mean
   becoming religious or does it mean feeling love for
   Hashem without any connection to a person's religion or
Daniel: Rebetzin S., I can only tell you that this is an
  interesting question.  Let it be clear to you that repenting,
  coming closer to Hashem and doing His will, is the only
  thing that can save a person. One cannot do more or less
  than that. This is the whole formula. There is no other
  formula for success in life for This World or the World-to-
  Come (Olam-Haba).

Topics: What does one do if one doesn't find a place for
   himself in life? Will an additional war break out this year?

Question: My name is Y. and I am a student, 27 years old.
  First of all I want you to know that I believe in you.
  I have always between attracted to areas of Kabbalah
  (Jewish mysticism).  I have read much about it, including
  the connection with autists and all other areas connected
  to Kabbalah.
  I have two questions:
  1) Since I am a spiritual person I have difficulty integrating
      myself in our material world.  I always felt that I don't
      belong here. I am also an academician who besides
      working for his degree takes additional courses, but I
      don't find a place for myself in life. I want to ask your
      advice what to do.
  2)Will an additional war break out this year in Israel?
     Thanks a lot and I wish you the best of health.

Daniel: R' Yaakov, first of all about the war, all signs
   indicate that a war must break out both in the north and
   the south in the very near future. You are a spiritual
   person but you aren't close to Hashem. To be a spiritual
   person means being close to Hashem. To find satisfaction
   from truth in This World it is impossible to live in both
   worlds. Only in one world and that is Hashem's world can
   one find spirituality. That world is everything and nothing
   else exists.  All the other things He created.
   Anyone who studies this deeply, one who not only studies
   his academic studies but also scrutinizes studies that show
   one the true structure of This World and the World-to-
   Come, will live a satisfied life. I therefore bless you that
   you will have the courage and strength to abandon the
   world of falsity and come to the world of truth.

Question: After many trips within the muddy pathways of
   life I have lost any feeling for life. I understand what needs
   to be done but my ego, which is the fear that rules over
   my life, doesn't allow me to do it.  I am lost and want to
   know what to do.

Daniel: You have surely lost any feeling for life since you
   have only this world. You need also the World-to-Come.
   In This World when you fulfill Hashem's will and the will of
   the Torah you will never lose any feeling for life. Such a life
   is profound, extremely profound. What is more profound
   generates more feeling, more of a pleasant feeling.
   People want to delve even deeper in order to gain an even
   deeper feeling, and that process is unending.
Question:  I am a non-religious woman but I feel inside me
   that everything that you write about is true. What can I do?
   Changes have commenced within me already but they have
   found much of an external expression. Are external changes
   really necessary? Does praying from the heart, not from any
   prayer book, have any special effect? I shall be profoundly
   grateful if you could answer all or part of my questions.
   Sincerely, Y.

Daniel: I just want to explain to you that you should surely
   pray from your heart and praying in such a way is especially
   important for a woman.  Such prayers are particularly
   accepted and influential in Heaven.  But a person needs to
   perfect himself. It is impossible to live half in a world of
   falsity and half in a world of truth. A Jew must be perfect
   both outside and inside, both in This World and the
   World-to-Come.  I bless you that you all and Jews will
   reach perfection and that together we will greet the

Question: On the one hand our material world is indeed replete
   with temptations but on the other hand it is replete with
   advanced technology that has over the years developed
   tremendously and contributes to everyone's lifestyle.
   Is this entire technological world incidental and false?
   It doesn't seem so. If it isn't incidental why does religious
   Jewry hold it in such low esteem, and how can we integrate
   the world of religion and mitzvot with the developing
   technological reality?

Daniel: All the technology of our present world was created
   as a difficult test for the whole world, and unfortunately
   most of the world has failed this test. Since the need for
   material benefits is so great and fleeing from truth is so
   massive, all of these technological inventions cause only
   one thing-a dilution of the truth, a distorting of the truth.
   Although it is true that one can listen to Torah classes on
   a video tape and also in a DVD and other modern gadgets,
   the beneficial use is pitifully little as compared with that for
In the end what improvement does it provide
   for humanity?
   Whatever the improvement is, the degeneration is at least
   twice as much.

Question: I would like to know what is the main mission of
   women in this period?
Daniel: Throughout history a woman's most important duty
   is to insure a continuation of generations of G-d fearing
   Jews. That mission can be carried out by a woman and
   done modestly by way of love of Hashem that she induces
   to her children in her home. She does so by bringing an
   atmosphere of Jewish warmth into the home and by
   encouraging her husband to cling to holiness. In general
   she builds a house of kedusha (holiness), and that is her
   mission at this period and was so throughout the
   generations.  In this generation that has, however,
   become extremely difficult since most Jews tend to think
   that all these holy ways of life are old-fashioned and
   women need (want) so-called freedom and to be like men.
   This, however, destroys and ruins us. A woman needs to
   be modest and must actually build her house with important
   elements such as Torah mitzvot and good deeds.

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