Q&A with Daniel, part 4

 Questions And Answers with Daniel.   Part 4.
 From FC with Daniel, Jerusalem, 6-Mar-2007.

Ask:  Zeev b. from charleston (25/02/2007 #50)
Question:  Hi Daniel:)) You are exceptional smart, and as
  non religiues man would kindly ask you a question.
  Can you be religiues in a way of excercise mitzvot she
  between a man and his friends (bein adam le havero only),
  or must be excersise mitzvot  between a man and Hashem
  (she bein adam la makom).
  If the g-d is so great why he needs us to pray for his
  greatness?  Thanks, Zeev
Daniel:  A jew must prove to HKB"HU that he wants to
   be his true servant, therefore he must do all the Mitzvot
   at least try to.
   Do acts of kindness and pray to his father
   in heaven always to help him with (in) every little thing
   and every big thing that we believe a hundred percent
   that he and HKB"HU and this way we show only he is the
   creator and ruler of all creations and that we are his true
   and loyal servants . Also that he is our father our only
   true father.

Ask: Samuel from Jerusalem (28/02/2007 #73)
Question:  Dear Daniel, Baruch Hashem that you are able to
   communicate and spread your such clear and revealing
   messages. I am a baal Teshuva now for about 10 years.
   I have made a lot of progress and continue to do so slowly
   all the time. But I have not removed the non-jewish part
   of my life completely - like television. I am finding it very
   hard. What will happen if I don't succeed in everything I
   want to achieve before Moshiach comes?
  Oh my, Shmuel of Jerusalem. What a sad question you are
  ten years a Beal Teshuvah. So long .The first thing you
  should have taken out of your house is the Television.
  That's the reason you're finding it so hard to really do
  Teshuvah. You bring the Goysh world into your home  into
  your heart and into your head with it therefore you could
  never be a complete Beal Teshuvah until you get rid of
  all the books and the newspapers and Radio. that are
  Goyish. By the way like in mitsrayim where the jews that
  couldn't detach completely from the ways of the egyptions
  those four fifths (4/5) of the nation stayed in mitsrayim
  were killed and stayed and never left. also now when
  moshiach comes those who are still atteched to the goyishe
  ways also will not leave.

Ask:  Tova from silver spring  (02/03/2007 #79)
Question:  daniel, I'm thirteen years old and am trying very
   hard to get close with hashem even though some people
   in my class could look more close to hashem , but I love
   hashem more than any one can imagine and it is very
   hard for me to get close to hashem but I am trying and I
   would like to know what i can do to get even closer to
   hashem and I'm a religiouse girl and say perek shira every
   day (try to) and I try to daven every day but sometimes
   is very hard and can be very ADD thank you and i totally
   understand everything that u are saying and believe 105%
   thanks again -tova
  Tova  I was very happy to read what you wrote and I
  bentch you that you'll get closer to don't worry too much
  about adding more and more things to say. Add instead
  chessed towards other 
people wherever you can.
  Dress B'Tsnius [Modestly]  because not everyone in
  silverspring knows what  Tsnius is and I know you'll always
  have Siyatta Dishmaya (Heavenly Assistance)  and as
  much as you love Hashem he loves you back.

I'm sorry that I don't have answers for all the questions,
Daniel's father.

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