Q&A with Daniel, part 9

Questions & Answers with Binyamin and Daniel.  24 Feb, 2009

Reiser, 19/2/2009
Subject: US Fema concentration camps

Q: I recently heard about something called FEMA concentration camps in America.  I suspect this is concern for Jews in America, right?  Is it true that there are many set up in several states- surrounded with barbed wire and equipped with gas chambers?

Answer: Well, I think they do exist but not concentration camps davka for Jews. However, I will tell you one thing; anti-Semitism is rampant now in the world and going to get much worse. And definitely the Jews are in danger, wherever they are, in whichever country.

N. S.,  19/02/2009
Subject: How to do teshuva

Q: I'd like to do teshuva, how do I go about it?  Also I don't think I can move to Eretz Yisroel, but I'd like to know how to do teshuva, and not perish (chas vesholom) with the rest of the goyim in Chutz Laaretz.
A concerned daughter of Hashem, who wants to free herself of the avoda zora.


Answer: the main thing to do is come close to Hashem and put all your trust in Him.  Do mitzvos and try to go through your life; pick out the aveiros and do true teshuva on them. Be'ezrat Hashem, every Yid that does this, should be saved.

R,  18/02/2009
Subject: How to do true teshuva without tears

Q: How does one merit to do a true teshuva shleima when one can't shed tears, due to having no feelings because one is on a psychiatric medication.  My name is ... bat ..., I believe she used to visit the autistic children when they used to be in Z. Y.  Also a request could you please give my name in to the children to daven for me that I merit tremendous Siyatto Dishmayo to do a complete teshuva, and that I and all of Klal Yisroel be zoche to greet the moshiach.  Thank you, and may all of the yidden be zoche to be aroused from our deep slumber and thus therefore be zoche to do a true teshuva shleima and all greet the Moshiach, even though at the moment it doesn't seem likely.


Answer: I want to tell you that I understand your situation very well and I remember that I'd heard about you and your suffering and I know that all those - and there are many - who suffer from what you do - are making a tremendous tikkun and I know that in your heart you're crying even without tears. And those tears that never come are very important in Shamayim.

From: Cary, 18/2/2009
Subject: Sinas Hinem

Q: Can Daniel or Binyamin address the Sinas Hinem of our generation?  Thank you,

Answer: What's to talk about? It seems that the more people learn shmiras halashon, the more they speak lashon hara and have machlokes. It's very strange, very strange.

From: Maya M. 16/02/2009
Q: I would like to first bless Hashem and you from all my heart. I live in the US and know that Mashiach is coming before the end of the year. my husband and I both had dreams and know it to be true. I love Hashem with all my soul and we truly rely on no one and have no one other than Hashem. My question is we are preparing a 2 week supply as you said but we can not afford to come to Israel, I know that Hashem will come for us, we are waiting for him other then doing Teshuva this is the only way we are preparing, we leave everything else in his hands. I wanted to ask when should I be taking my children out of schools they go to so that we are all together?  And other then praying and doing Teshuva and reading Psalms for all the Neshamas what else shall I be doing? I have faith in Hashem and know that I am waiting and everyday that He is not here yet is pure pain. Thank You, Maya


Answer: Maya, you seem to be doing very well. I wouldn't worry about when to take your children out of schools and Cheders, you'll know when the time comes. The main thing is to trust and believe in Hashem and wait for Moshiach mamash as you are doing. 

JACOB L.  19/02/2009
Q: I live in Savannah Georgia in America. It is a small kehilla what should be done here to Inspire the disconnected Jews who are sleeping?
And what should be done to wake up the "Frum" ?

Please say Thank You to Dani and Binyamin and to the facilitator,  Yaakov.


Answer: You ask a very difficult question, because its very hard to wake up anyone to Yiddishkeit in Savannah, Georgia. Life is so smooth and easy and slow and without too much tension that its hard to wake up; the materialistic lullaby coos them to sleep. And they have no intention of coming out of their slumber. And as far as the frum, or the so-called frum, to be frum in Savannah Georgia is a whole different thing then to be frum in a place where you have to fight for your frumkite every day. It's easy to slip into the easy materialism of the South. I bentch you all, all Am Yisrael, and those Yidden in Savannah Georgia, that they will wake up, get up, and run to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. 

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