Chapter 38

Chapter 38 a - The blowing of the Shofar has already begun.

Aug. 20.2007 FC with Daniel


I want to say that we are all rectifying ourselves. It's all tikkunim - rectifications, rectifications, and more rectifications.

The entire short time we have in this world is for the sole purpose of rectifying, rectifying and rectifying.

(Aloud) Until Moshiach comes.

 What are we rectifying so much?

Hashem created the first man and made him perfect.

Nevertheless, he had one weakness: he wanted to know too much. He was attracted to knowledge beyond what was necessary, since the Evil Inclination had been created already at the time of the creation of the world. And Adam was drawn to it because he wanted to know everything.

The first man did not originally have an evil inclination but he knew that the Evil One existed and he wanted to sanctify Hashem even more and to be able to fight and overcome the Evil Inclination for the sake of Hashem.

But once the Evil One was inside of him, man [Adam] was unable to completely overcome it and get rid of it until now.

Nowadays the Evil One takes on many shapes and forms. Materialism: that is the evil inclination we are fighting against today. Aside from that, though, we also have distorted feelings, distorted thoughts, all sorts of desires and things that are not clear to us and this causes great confusion for us.

There is even a type of Evil Inclination that lets us believe that we are completely righteous, tzaddikim gemurim, and even if a person looks 100% like a tzaddik, this may not always be the case.

The Evil One is always lurking inside the person even if it seems like the person is the one in control.

This has been the problem throughout all the generations. And now we are rectifying this with all kinds of things - all sorts of situations that we failed with over the past thousands of years.

We are now at the end of all rectifications, which is why so many things are going on now in the world; it is full of all sorts of situations and everything is changing at the speed of lightening - we barely finish one thing and already the next thing has begun.

This is the case throughout the world as well as in our own personal lives. It's all rectifications - tikkunim.

Even when we come to the end of all these rectifications, G-d Willing, we will still not be complete. Hashem is going to make all sorts of things happen and eventually, He Himself will purify us and bring us to completeness.

Get ready; prepare yourselves.
You, us, Am Yisrael; we are not going to be so complete (righteous) that we will be deserving of the Redemption. Oh no.

But Hashem will simply have mercy upon us and He will save those that are at least making an effort. But it won't be easy. Even those who are making an effort still have all kinds of worries (concerns).

The righteous ones will have a much easier time getting through it. The people that are in between (neither righteous nor evil) will suffer, but eventually, they, too, will be saved. The wicked will disappear from the existent world completely. They will not exist at all and Hashem will erase them, lo aleynu, lo aleynu, lo aleynu (may this not happen to us).

Prepare yourselves, Jews, prepare yourselves.

You must now do real Torah [learning and following], really good deeds, and real prayers.

Pray for the Jewish people.

Pray that we should be able to atone for all of our sins and love every single Jew.

Be prepared Am Yisrael.

The blowing of the Shofar has already begun.

Prepare yourselves, if you want to live; if you want to live for eternity.


Chapter 38 c

FC with Lipi


I'm very happy to be writing this message; my mother will be so pleased.

She's very happy when I write.

As a Jew who was born and raised in America, I have a request to all the Jews in America: Open your eyes and see what is happening around you.

Count the tragedies, lo aleinu, that have been happening and help the Jews who have problems. Look at all the trouble people have with shlom bayis, (matters relating to peace in the home) and pay attention to all those Jews who don't even have bread.

Look around you and notice all the natural disasters that have been happening, the accidents and so on, lo aleinu, and you will realize that the end is approaching. And whoever is still attached to the idols of the Egyptians, to materialism, the materialism of the gentile nations; that Jew will not survive.

What will happen to him?

He will get left behind in the plague of darkness (like what happened in Egypt where most of the Jews died in the plague of darkness).

What will be?

I love the Jewish people so much; I love each and every Jew. My heart breaks to think that even one Jew - even a finger of a Jew will remain forever without life.

Sweet Jews, pure Jews, holy Jews,
Hashem loves His nation, but those who choose not to be a part of His nation, even if they look like they still belong, they won't survive; they won't live to receive our righteous Moshiach.

And that does not mean that they won't live in this world but they will at least live in the Olam Ha-ba, the World to Come. No, they will not have that (the Olam Ha-ba) either, Heaven Forbid.

Woe to the Jewish people, woe to the Jewish nation, beloved ones of Hashem, blessed He.

Oy, Am Yisrael, Oy, Am Yisrael; return to Hashem.

Repent and return to the truth.

לוח אותיות התקשור

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