Chapter 51

Chapter 51


A message from Binyamin Golden an autistic man
28th Tishrei 5768

10 Oct, 2007

In one of my previous messages, I said that in a few months we will notice a difference in the world. The world will change. I have gotten some complaints from good Jews, who claim that those few months have gone by without any notable changes. All is quiet, they say. Woe to these "near-sighted" Jews.

There is no question, our world is going through some very major changes. When the time comes, that we will see the biggest changes of all, both spiritually and physically, it will be above and beyond anything that has ever been experienced throughout the history of mankind.

So please, open your eyes and see the truth.

The world is already changing. It is becoming more and more intimidating, be it by the drastic changes occurring in nature, or by the tornados and hurricanes attacking almost every country throughout the world. Whether it is typical for that season or not, it happens.

There were tornados in atypical places like New York, France and England. Enormous hurricanes came one right after the next attacking first one side of the world and then the other side. If hundreds of thousands of people are not being killed, we don't think anything significant is happening!

Yet these are all just warnings. He [G-d] is really trying to get through to us, Am Yisrael [the Jewish people]. He sends us warnings - first from a distance, and after that it will get closer and closer [drashos HaRan 6] until eventually we will feel it on our own skin, Heaven Forbid.

As for things pertaining to war, security, and the military, we have the "axis of evil" as President Bush calls them: Russia, Iran, Syria, the Hizbullah, the Hamas, etc. including North Korea and various Arab countries, as well as Venezuela and many other Moslem countries.

On the other side there is the U.S.A., Canada and Europe who are not very strong anymore. There is also China, the giant "monster" with endless ambitions, who apparently wants to join Russia and the Arabs. Is this not enough of a drastic change in this world of ours?

We move on.

Many of the countries in the "axis of evil" have nuclear weapons biological weapons, and chemical weapons, G-d forbid. It's as though everyone is trying to think how to kill the greatest amount of people in the cruelest way.

In this, the world has not improved through out history. The evil remains, the desire to kill and rule over the world remains - just that technology has advanced so far that human beings are now able to kill as many people as possible in the most horrible way possible, G-d forbid.

The world is heading for a terrible war. So many countries have weapons like I described above, so there is a great danger that they will use their weapons without control, whenever they feel like it. Particularly, once the first rocket has been fired, everyone else will want to join the party, firing at whomever they think may or may not be their enemy.

Just think about it and you will see how such a situation makes sense and is possible, with the world being what it is today.

However, take something else into consideration: G-d created this world and all the worlds. He created each and every person and knows exactly what each person is doing, what he is thinking and he is planning. Therefore, Hashem has His plan and that is greater than any plan anyone could possibly havve.

And this is why He will perform tremendous miracles for us and there will be times of great fear in the world. Very difficult times are approaching. We will have nothing to hold on to besides our pure faith and trust in Hashem and we must know that He is the Creator of the world and that He is the one who decides who shall live and who shall die, G-d Forbid. It has nothing to do with what a person wants.

We have to completely trust Him and rid ourselves of all our toys and idols [things in this world we have become addicted to like luxury cars and fashiniable clothes, etc. etc., which are a kind of idolatry].

The people who will not be able to get rid of these things will not survive. You must realize that when I say they will not live - it is more than just death; it is beyond that. This is the end of all tikunim [rectifications], of our sins in the desert and the rectification of the sin of first man, Adam.

However, for the people who have not rectified their souls - death means something else entirely. Not every person who dies before the coming of Moshiach means that he did not rectify his soul. Some just rectified it and then died and will come back to life for Techiyas Hameisim [the Resurrection of the dead].

Yet, there are people who have not rectified their souls, G-d forbid, and their future, their fate, is entirely different.

But I am not going to elaborate.

What more can I say?

How much can one describe the horrors, the difficulty and the fear that many people are already feeling?

What I have said here, many people can already see happening. A lot of people sense what is going on and are already afraid.

It is not for nothing that people are expecting Moshiach now. They have great hopes in their hearts that the time has come at last, because all the signs are pointing to this.

It is all written in the prophecies and other places in the various Holy Jewish books, which is why it is so clear to the people who know, that this is really happening now. It's all written precisely.

But so many people are asleep and don't want to know the Truth. They get up in the morning and see the sun shining, they daven [pray] first and then eat breakfast and go to work. They see that everything is quiet, the stock market goes up and down, it goes up a bit and then down a bit, they can make money meanwhile, they don't have to worry about the future. No, they mustn't worry about the future!

It's alright, we'll just put some shoulder-missile shields on to the planes and then, Baruch Hashem, we can continue to fly safely from place to place. We're still dreaming. We don't want to recognize the Truth or make great efforts to do teshuva [repent].

Repenting is a very, very hard thing to do, but I advise every Jew to start the process because there really is no time and it is the only thing that will save us forever. Forever. Do you understand that? Forever!

You must do real teshuvah, complete repentance.

Just like Daniel said [Chapter 50]: recognize all of your sins and feel grief over drifting so far away from Hashem. Grieve like a child who left his father and then comes back home asking to return, asking for forgiveness for letting himself go so far away from his beloved father, the father who loves him so much. Only this will save us. Only this.

So, Am Yisrael, get to work, start doing something. We can't just sit and listen to the news without doing anything, without repenting. Just sitting, listening to Ehud Olmert being interrogated or to all the evil people who get away with their evilness and gloat.

We must work hard to return to Hashem and believe in Him. The stock market will fall and the evil-doers will be out of a job, we will forget them completely. But we must understand what is Truth and what is not. The materialistic world we created for ourselves is a lie because we took Hashem out of that world and put in His place the Golden Calf.

We pray to Hashem for things we want like health, wealth, marriage and so on, but to put our faith in Him? No. We pray to Hashem, we ask Him - but depend upon the doctors, on social security and the paycheck from our jobs, but not upon Hashem.

It is true, there is more awareness, since the people who are naturally closer to Hashem, now see for themselves, to their delight, that the prophecies are coming true, so the distance between them and complete faith and trust is not that big, but this is not the case for most of the world.

I will finish now by reminding you that the tzaddikim [righteous people] will be glad. The tzaddikim will be happy with the revelations, with the future ahead of us; for the Truth will at last become clear.

Those people of medium spiritual achievement, each according to his spiritual level, hopefully will repent. For some it will be harder and for some it will be easier. The evil ones will run away to the gentile nations and die there will them.

I want to tell you that the safest place to be is the Land of Israel.

The holiest place in the world is the Land of Israel.

The holiest place in Israel is Jerusalem and holier than that is Har Habayis and holier than that is Kodesh Hakodashim.

Jews, you must do serious self-examination, you must do teshuva in order to survive!

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