Chapter 57 - FC with Haim

[Note from translator: at the request of Daniel's father, the author of this site, I shortened the foreword to this session in the translation. Also, words in [ ] brackets are my explanations]

Daniel's Father (Abba): Everything in parenthesis is added by me.

Chapter 57 - FC session with Chaim

   The following message was given by fifteen-year-old Chaim who lives in New York.

When I heard that Chaim was coming to Israel for his brother's wedding I was very excited. For those of you who have not yet read his past sessions (sessions 20 and 21) I strongly recommend reading them now.
I couldn't wait to meet him and have this session with him.

I brought with me Daniel's book to give Chaim as a modest gift (among the many sessions the book contains, the two sessions with Chaim appear there as well).

As I sat down before him, I turned on the recording device and was prepared for the session. I could barely bring myself to look at him; a frail, weak looking young boy sitting helplessly in his wheelchair. The quick glances I did take made my heart ache terribly for him. If I thought we had a hard time raising Daniel, I realized this was nothing compared to the difficulty Chaim's parents must have caring for their ill child (though they do it out of total loving kindness). Yet, contrary to his weak body, his soul is on a very, very high level.

Chaim: I am very excited about the book,

You don't know how important it is,

It is helping many Jews do Teshuva and that is not a joke.

You must be sure to keep precisely the words spoken by Daniel, Binyamin, Menachem, Shimon and so on as well as my words and Lipi's and Yisrael's with whom you have not spoken enough.


I want to tell everyone that in the near future the world will change greatly, just like all the autistic boys and the brain-damaged people are telling us.

The secular people, the scientists, all the "who's who" of the army - all know that there is a possibility of a most harsh reality.

The world is waiting for a tremendous war, a war the likes of which there has never been throughout history. This is not so hard to imagine because so much is written in the prophecies that were written thousands of years ago. There have even been Hollywood films that describe a similar situation, albeit in a very lowly and coarse way.

But this is primarily a spiritual war, a difficult war where we must defeat the Evil Inclination once and for all - and Hashem [G-d] will destroy it completely.

It won't be easy and there is what to be afraid of, but the world will not be completely destroyed and Eretz Yisroel [Israel] will continue to exist and Jews will receive Moshiach Tzidkenu [our righteous Messiah].

How many will receive him?

How many are worthy of receiving him?

This I do not know.

But Jews will receive him.

And who will receive him?

The Jews who believe in Hashem and truly trust in Him.

Jews who trust Him in every aspect of their lives.

Jews who believe with all their hearts that everything that happens is His Will and is for their own good.

Jews who are truly waiting for Moshiach, who yearn for the Beis Hamikdash [Temple] and the korbanos [sacrifices] who are truly longing, like one who longs to see a loved one he has not seen for many years. Real yearning. These are the ones who will receive Moshiach Tzidkenu.

Yet how many such people exist in our time?

It would seem very little. And why?

Because even among the orthodox Jews there are many people involving themselves with things that are the opposite of bitachon [trust] in Hashem. We will speak about the orthodox, because the secular Jews are so distant from the truth that only a miracle will bring them back to Hashem.

And the dati-leumi [community], or what is called modern-orthodox - they too are confused with materialism and with the will to be Jews and at the same time like the goyim [gentiles].

So let us focus on the orthodox, because if there is Truth it is with them, and we will see where we stand.

I come from the United States. Baruch Hashem at this moment we are in Eretz Yisroel. But we are all in the galus [exile].

And in the Diaspora the Golden Calf reigns.

There they have created something similar to yiddishkeit [Judaism] but it is not yiddishkeit. The men are more or less dressed the way Jews used to dress, not all of them but a lot of them are.

But the women are dressed like the non-Jewish women in Paris or some other fashionable place. Their houses are fancy and many of the wives waste time and thought on how to renovate their houses again and again and again because this is what gives meaning to their lives.

And when they are bored they go out to kosher restaurants, to so-called "kosher" concerts, or go away on questionable vacations [although they claim to be kosher lemehadrin]. In general they want things that have no connection at all to a true Jewish lifestyle.

Even if they call this yiddishkeit,

even if everything they do appears to be yiddishkeit,

it is not yiddishkeit.

Similar things are happening here in Eretz Yisroel.

And people who try to go back to the way it used to be by putting up a mechitza [barrier] around themselves are ridiculed by the community - the orthodox community - and even hated. Why are they hated?

Because it jeopardizes their ability to live like goyim [gentiles].

It is criticism, open criticism, of their forbidden lifestyle.

The fact that orthodox Jews hate other orthodox Jews who try to go back to the way things used to be [the way they dress and act] is because it is criticizing them.

Even if it is just the fact that they dress more modestly, or are not prepared to go out and eat in restaurants or to go to all kinds of things and places that are truly forbidden and so on, this jeopardizes the desires of the other chareidim [orthodox] who want both what is forbidden and what is kosher,

the treif [unkosher] together with the kosher,

the milk together with the meat.

This is the sad situation we are in today. And there are many chareidim who cannot listen to my words which reveal the truth because this also jeopardizes their desires for what is forbidden.

They don't want criticism.

They want me to tell them:

Say ten chapters of Psalms every day and everything will be all right,

Or say Perek Shira and all will be well,

Say the "Songs of Songs" on Erev Shabbos [Friday afternoon] and you can continue acting like goyim.

But I cannot say this will save them.

We must try hard to go in the ways of Hashem and live a spiritual life as well as a materialistic life. But not the materialism of the street; rather materialism that serves Hashem's purpose, serves the Torah and the mitzvos, not exaggerated [extravagant] materialism.

Only these people will be able to live in the world of Truth, only them.

I want to say again that only those who seek the truth - not necessarily people who always manage to be greatest tzaddikim [righteous] - but also those who make an effort. Who rise and fall [and then] pick themselves up and try again. Only these will be able to get to live in the time of the third Beis Hamikdash.

*But those who are certain that the Geula [redemption] is in their pocket because they give a lot of charity - but have many sins in monetary matters,

*or those women who dress like women "of the street" but are certain that they will be saved because they daven [pray] seriously,

*or the people who think that they are righteous and do all the mitzvos [commandments] with great care, but then speak lashon hora [slander] about each other

-all these people will not see the Moshiach, may Hashem Have Mercy.

Am Yisroel [the people of Israel], check your deeds, there is no time.

Do not be among those who want the lies of the nevi'ei sheker [false prophets - who exist today also in the form of "experts" who present easy formulas for success and salvation].

Don't think you will be given "discounts".

It is true; Hashem is very merciful,

But He will not have mercy on those who go against His mitzvos.

I want to remind you, open up your history books, from the time of the first man [Adam] until now. Hashem, Blessed Be He, has a lot of patience. Sometimes He waits for hundreds of years for man to repent.

But there is a limit.

And every time people exceed the limit, a very harsh blow followed.

Do not forget, when the punishment comes, it will be terrible.

During the times of the first and second temples, millions of Jews were killed in the cruelest way.

In times such as a thousand years ago in Europe, Jews gave their lives to sanctify Hashem and were killed in the cruelest of ways.

And who can forget the holocaust?

So, Jews, please,

Make the greatest efforts to repent now; there is not a lot of time.

We don't want an ending like that of those who suffered the terrible blows throughout history.

We don't want our fate to be like those in history who received terrible punishments.


Now, now,

Examine your lives completely,

From the beginning until today

Seek out your weaknesses and forbidden desires,

And return to Hakadosh Baruch Hu [G-d].

There is no time.

The terrible wars will start suddenly,

And Hashem will perform great and terrifying miracles,

Very similar to the plagues of Egypt,

But much more remarkable.

And do not forget for a minute,

That even out of Egypt

at the most only one fifth went out,

and perhaps one out of fifty

And perhaps one out of five hundred (mechilta of Parshas Sh'lach).

So don't think the redemption is in your pocket, that it is a assured - just because you are Jews and you give tzedaka [charity] and do all kinds of nice things (mitzvos, kindness), that it is enough to be saved.

This is not enough.

This is not enough.

It is necessary to reach a state of true yearning for the Redemption and for Moshiach Tzidkenu.

It is necessary to come to true love of Hashem.

We must be prepared not just to die as a Jew but to live as a Jew - a real Jew.

We must have the courage to throw away materialism and come to the ultimate Truth.

The Truth, the Truth, the Truth.


(Part 2)


Abba: Do you have a message in English or should we translate this in to English?

Chaim: You should translate, but one of us (autistic) should go over the translation to make sure it is precise.

Abba: In the previous session (chapter 56) I added chapter 38 from the book of Yechezkel regarding the war of Gog UMagog. Was this action appropriate?

Chaim: Very appropriate.

Abba: It says there that the nations will come upon Eretz Yisrael (verse 16).

Chaim: Yes.

Abba: Could that really happen, Heaven forbid?

Chaim: Yes.

Abba: I want to go home.

Chaim: Don't be afraid.


Abba: What do you think about the website?

Chaim: It is very important. Someone must make sure that it remains clean and orderly. Then there will be a lot of Siyata Deshmaya [Divine Help].


(On the matter of sacks and ashes)


Abba: In Megillas Esther the date of the decree was written [explicitly] (Esther 3:13). Also in the book of Yonah the date of the decree was written: "Yet 40 days and Ninveh shall be overthrown," (Yona 3;4) and in both situations the Jews repented. In our case we are not stating [an exact] time. Perhaps if we would give a time we would have a greater effect.

Chaim: I want to explain something to you. It's true that there was a specific time given but that was a completely different time and a completely different matter. It is now the end; the end of all tikkunim [rectifications] and Hashem wants us to wake up. But we have fallen so low that really only those who have faith in Hashem and trust Hashem - will come out of it. Only them, only them.

Hashem does not give an exact time for the redemption because there are many rectifications, many things the Jews must still go through.


The Jews in Shushan ad the goyim in Ninveh,

They were built differently,

They were not as low [spiritually] as we are.


Also, they had to do teshuva.

Here, this is the final rectification

And we have yet to see who will and who won't [do teshuva].


It's not that the whole world will do it,

It's not that all of Jerusalem will,

It's not that all of New York will (do teshuva).


We don't have Ninveh and we don't have Shushan

We have (are in the time of) the evening of the complete redemption,

where every person will fight an internal battle, against their Evil Inclination.

They'll either succeed or Heaven forbid, they won't.


Abba: There is a matter [something going on] here, I don't know how to say it.

 It's not just a matter of war, rockets falling, etc. Something essential is happening, you all describe it as the birth of a new world and you said that it (the world after the birth) will be a combination of both materialism and spirituality. Can you expand on this subject?


Chaim: It's not just a war with rockets and nuclear bombs, it's an internal battle within each and every person - for Jews as well as for non-Jews.

[It's] an internal war and a real war.


Aside from this, it's not just bombs that will diminish entire countries, it will truly be the hand of Hashem - so to speak - so obvious that there will be no room for doubt.

It will not be by Achmanijad, not by Putin and not by Bush. It will be obvious that everything is coming from Hashem Himself.

Abba: I don't understand. Are you saying there will or will not be nuclear bombs?

Chaim: I did not say there will be; I said not only will there be.


Abba: Can I take a picture of Chaim?

Chaim: Yes. It is good for people to look at pictures of Tzaddikim.

(I thought to myself woe to me that I do not have the strength to look at a tzaddik.)

Abba: Do you have anything to say about the "sacks and ashes" campaign?

Chaim: Yes. You should begin already.

Start connecting with other rabbis, other people, and get it going. But the most important place to do it is at the Western Wall.

Abba: Everything is in preparation; time, inquiries, searches, etc.

Chaim: It will not go easily and at first people will mock it all.

Abba: One of things I'm awaiting is a 'strengthening speech' that can be given at the gathering.
Perhaps you could give me such a speech?

Chaim: Use what I have written today (this message).

Abba: Can I use some things from the FC session for the speech?

Chaim: That would be advisable.

: What should a person who wants to participate in the [praying] protest do if at that moment he must be somewhere else?

Chaim: He can sit and cry over the chorban [destruction of the temple], over the destruction of his own life and this way he would be participating.

He can just sit down, wherever he is at that moment.


Abba: Binyamin said that in another few months is the birth and yet before that will be the war and the birth [itself] is the final phase...

Chaim: Stop trying to decide when everything will happen. It will all become clear.

And the fact that he says (Binyamin) that (there are a) few months until the birth, does not mean that everything will come out (be over?) in a few months,

(it could be) 2 months,

it could (be) a few months,

it can also be in six months or even nine months.

May Hashem help us.


Abba: I understand from Daniel that there will be a time of such darkness that it won't even be possible to go to the supermarket [or local mini-market].

Chaim: True.


Abba: Meaning, you're saying to prepare food, not because there will be a shortage but because of the darkness?

Chaim: What does it matter, one way or another, there should be [a stock of] food in the house.

(End of session).

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