Chapter 62

Chapter 62a    FC with Daniel  9 Dec, 2007

(My remarks are in parenthesis)

We are approaching the end; it is very near. Those who refuse to see the truth, the people who want to live like that animal that buries her head in the sand (the ostrich) -
I have nothing to say to them.

But to those who are already starting to understand the truth, I want to say - there is no time. There is no time.

Look around you and see the situation we're in. We had one "loyal" friend left - America, and it too has now left us.

So what do we have left?

When people do not believe in Hashem, His Torah and His prophets, what we are left with is a very frightening and depressing situation.

We are a country consisting of around 6 million Jews, and not everyone is really a Jew, and we are up against the whole world - a most interesting situation.

In the worst nightmares of the secular Zionists, they never dreamt of such a situation.

What is left for them to realize?
Perhaps if we give territories away to the Ishmaelites, they will leave us alone and make peace with us... that is funny to me, to the Russians, to Achmanijad and to everyone else.

Maybe Americans without humor cannot see the funny side to this but it is clearly absurd - it's like giving a dog some meat when he's starving and telling him that he can only have a piece of it, but not the whole thing.

The Arabs are fierce; they want the blood of the Jews, all of Israel and they don't want one Jew left in the state! If one Jew does remain, it would be on condition that he becomes the Arabs' slave so the Arabs could torture him and do whatever cruel things come to their mind.

This is our present situation.
If we go into Azah, everyone will come upon us.

In reality, the Hammas, the Hezbollah, the Syrians, the Russians, the Iranians and definitely the Jordanians, obviously the Egyptians, they'll all come upon us; maybe not immediately but it wouldn't take long.

And what do we have to use against them?

Nothing. Not even the tiniest bit of faith in Hashem. And certainly not the kind of weaponry needed in order to win.

So what's left?
Certain death, Heaven Forbid.

There is another side of the coin, though, one that is much less popular and that side is the people who have complete faith.

Even the Ultra-orthodox community and the modern religious, particularly the modern-religious, have faith in the strength of Tzahal (IDF).

And I would just like to remind these people that in the times of the first and second Temples, the Jews could not be beaten.

So then what happened?
Hashem Himself opened the gates to Jerusalem and brought down the walls and that is what He is doing again now.

And who will survive?

Only those who have faith in Hashem. Only the Jews who clean out their houses [from the Evil Inclination and materialism] and open up their hearts and minds and the deepest crevices within the corners of their body and then clean out those places from all of the sins and do full repentance.

Those who really feel sorry for every unnecessary word and for every step they've ever taken against Hashem, for every improper glance, for everything!
And they must feel so sorry and such pain that they will shed real tears.

They must sit on the floor, wear sacks on their bodies and put ashes upon their heads and then cry and cry and cry and cry and feel truly sorry.

And I want to tell you that whoever does not do this, or something like this, cannot survive. There is no such a reality.

Hashem loves the Jewish people and does not want to destroy His nation.

But He cannot allow also the people who do not have 100% faith in Him to build the new world, the world of Moshiach. They are not suitable and will not be able to grasp the truth even when they see it before them very clearly. Therefore, it is by nature that such a person is not suitable for the next world. The next world, meaning the world of Moshiach.

This is why the entry ticket to the next world can only be attained by doing everything I have said. There is no other way.

And all the people who say,
"Yes, yes, Hashem loves us, and He will forgive us, it doesn't matter if we're not exactly doing what He wants, or if we have decided that our way is the correct way..."
There is no such thing.
He'll forgive us and He will have mercy upon us, this is
True. He will really have mercy, but we must also have mercy upon ourselves and reach the truth.

And I will remind you again, just as Binyamin wrote, you can see throughout history, whenever the Jews were not doing what they were supposed to, Hashem had no choice but to come down hard on them in order to extract all the filth and everything that did not belong in order to grow something new and more pure.

And I don't want to have to go over the different eras, to remind us of what Binyamin eventually reminded us of which is the holocaust.
The holocaust was also Hashem's love for the Jewish people.
If He didn't love them, he would not have destroyed so many of them in such a cruel way. It was measure for measure.
And with everything, He still saved a few seeds here and there out of which great Torah observing communities sprung forth - and that was His mercy.

But once again, a lot of sour fruit made its way into this growth. We must extract that sour fruit and we must all repent.

Abba, Abba, you must immediately start with the "sacks and ashes" operation, so the Jewish people will see an example of what to do and how to do it.

Abba, not for nothing was I born to you; I am guiding you. It is your rectification to do all of this. This is a rectification.

And all the people working with us, with Binyamin and myself, with Menachem, Lipi, Yisrael and everybody, all of these people, everyone, have a rectification with us and with the Jewish people - everyone, all the people working with us and you, Abba.

There is nothing left to do now but to be practical, one must be practical. If not then he cannot help save Am Yisrael and don't forget, a person who has the ability to influence the Jewish people and does not do it, will be held accountable in Heaven - that he could have helped but didn't.

And Ima, I ask you to please have patience with Abba.
He is working day and night because he wants to help save Am Yisrael and our family, G-d Willing, together with everyone else.

Soon it will all be over and life will be good;
Everyone will be healthy and everyone will be happy.
Everyone will learn Torah and there will not be any Evil Inclination.
People will not be angry with each other
and everyone will live in peace and harmony,
until the next stage, which is a step that is on an even higher level for humans,
but you cannot understand what that means at this time.

(End of FC session)

The first meeting for the "sacks and ashes" operation will take place at the Western Wall on Wednesday  19 Dec, 2007
at 2:30.
You can read chapter 50 d for more info on the importance of sacks and ashes.  (In Hebrew).

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