Chapter 64

Chapter 64 - So that more than 10% can be saved

FC with Daniel, Erev Rosh Chodesh Shvat Jan.07.2008
(My comments are in parenthesis)

The session was held about two hours after the second "sacks and ashes" operation. The guys said it was very special. There were a lot of people there davening (praying) with their whole hearts. Truly.
Why do I say "the guys said"?
Because I was not allowed into the area of the Kosel (the Western Wall). Or more accurately, the sacks were not allowed inside.

Before we held the first "sacks and ashes" get-together, we went to the police to get entry-permits to the Wall with the sacks and the ashes. "No problem," they told us. "You don't need permission to take in sacks." I wasn't 100% comfortable with their assurance but, nevertheless, we were allowed entry to the Kosel for the first "sacks and ashes" gathering.

Well, maybe the first gathering caused some ruckus up in Heaven and the Sitra Achra (the opposing spiritual forces, i.e. the Evil One) decided it didn't want to allow a repetition of such spiritual influence, particularly since this last time we had arrived with several hundred sacks...

So, there I was, standing near the entrance to the Kosel and the police and the guards at the entrance simply refused to let me enter with the sacks.
They told me to go and get a permit from the Rabbi of the Kosel but he wasn't around.
They told me then to go get permission at the nearby police station. I went there and the officer in charge said I could go in and that it was not a problem but he didn't get word to the officers and guards at the entrance so they still wouldn't let me in.

And they just kept playing around with us... "Soon the guy in charge will be here... five more minutes..."
Those five minutes turned into half an hour and then when the guy in charge finally arrived he announced that his boss doesn't allow entry with sacks.

I tried to persuade him to allow me in with the sacks by assuring his place in the World to Come, etc. I don't know if it was my place to make such a guarantee but I'm sure he would have had some very good points in Heaven had he let me in.

I didn't want to tell him that we are all facing terrible tragedies and that we would be praying for him as well...

Standing there like a poor beggar waiting for a morsel, I watched how hundreds of people went inside and I thought sadly about all the hard work I had put in to this gathering, how many hours I had put into preparing the sacks and the ashes...

Thank G-d, at least we managed to 'smuggle' in about forty sacks through the men who had come to participate in the operation, who wore the sacks under their clothes.

Anyway, I won't elaborate on the lowliness and humiliation of this whole ordeal, just about the involvement of the Sitra Achra.

After an hour had gone by I attempted to go in without the sacks to daven Minchah. I was searched top to bottom as though I was a possible terrorist.
After that I decided to put my assumption (that this was the works of the Sitra Achra) to a test.
At the end of the "sacks and ashes" operation, after everyone else had gone home, I tried to go into the Kosel with the sacks.
The guard asked to see what was in my bag and when he saw it was sacks he laughed and said, "Go on in."

The FC with Daniel:
Abba, Abba, don't give up, please don't give up. For even those who were at the gathering truly felt the holiness and sanctity and I know how disappointing it was for you (my whole ordeal) but the gathering (the people praying with the sacks) was very important to Hashem.

Every person that was there is likened to a thousand people because as we explained before that at the time of Noach, he was building the ark for 120 years and no one wanted to go inside. They just laughed at him. But at the very last minute they so desperately wanted to push their way into the ark because they had realized their mistake.

And now, the situation is like that in Shushan Habira (the story of Purim); the Jews were heavily sinning and then when the decree of death was given, the only thing that helped save the Jews was their praying with sacks and ashes.


a. The sacks - for the purpose of lowering the person's pride.
b. The ashes - to remind us of the destruction of the Temple and our bitter exile.
c. Prayers and repentance - to bring us back to Hashem and to save us.

And now we are in the same situation.
There is the example; Jews crying together with the Divine Presence, the Shechina, Jews who really care. And we are approaching a time, in the very near future where the people will realize that this action (a.b.& c. above) is the solution for all the Jews who want the truth and who understand that this is the only way they will be saved.

I don't know, Abba, if you will be able to hold the next gathering at the Kosel. The world will be in a much worse situation. I believe even more men will come pray with you by then.
If you can get to the Kosel, that is still the best place. If not, G-d Forbid, then we will speak.

(I thought to myself that the next gathering would be Rosh Chodesh Adar a)

(Daniel answered my thought.)

: Yes, very good. Still, the Kosel is the best place for it, but if you can't, then don't.

: Why wouldn't we be able to?
Daniel: I don't know and I can't say. Because I don't know if that is the time when it will be but it is possible.

Abba: Are you thinking that next month will be the beginning of the great chaos that is going to be throughout the world?

Daniel: It has already begun.

Abba: What are you referring to? What has begun?
Daniel: All of the countries are afraid of an upcoming war; almost every country in the world. The Americans know that the Russians, together with all the Arab countries are a very dangerous enemy to the slow and fat country, the U.S.A.


It is a slow and fat country, mostly living off of the Golden Calf, the materialism. They're neither fast nor idealistic anymore; now they're just fat and heavy.

Russia wants to conquer the world.
And the Arabs also want to conquer the world.
Though each one has his own personal agenda, together they are most dangerous.

Everything I say now is natural and logical; anyone can predict such things just by reading a newspaper or watching the news, etc.

Throughout the world, everyone is busy preparing, preparing and preparing for a war and just recently there was a really terrible incident between the Americans and the Iranians, in other words, they are all getting ready for a war.
It's not if there will be a war, it's when there will be a war, and this is only natural.

Abba: Someone told me that there will soon be an earthquake that will reach ten on the Richter scale. Is this true?

Daniel: I don't know about scales, but yes, there is supposed to be an earthquake.

Abba: It says in Yeshayahu that only a tenth of the Jews will remain. What do you think about this?

Daniel: If you make calculations I believe you will arrive at that result- a tenth. How many Jews are there in the world?

Abba: 12 or 13 million.
Daniel: How many of them are really Jewish?
Abba: I don't know.
Daniel: How many Chareidim - Ultra-Orthodox Jews are there in the world?
Abba: Maybe 1 or 2 million.
Daniel: Of course not. Much less. There may be that many observant Jews in general, but who are not necessarily Ultra-Orthodox. They are not a large community - the Ultra-Orthodox. Now calculate amongst the Chareidim, how many are really true believers and doing what they're supposed to be doing? I don't mean that people never sin but how many of them are really trying not to sin? How many of them sin on a regular basis?
If you do a proper calculation, it will come out to around the same amount - 10%. This has been the situation up until this day and there is the option of repentance.

And because of all this you are going and sacrificing yourselves and your time to try and arouse Am Yisrael so that more than 10% can be saved, G-d Willing.

Abba: Is the evening of Rosh Chodesh Adar an appropriate time to have "sacks and ashes" gathering throughout the country?
Daniel: You must have them then.
Abba: Why are the Rabbis against sacks and ashes?
Daniel: They are not against it and they are not for it.
One time the autistic people said that 600,000 people need to be assembled again for a 'campaign' in the entrance of Jerusalem to cry, pray and ask forgiveness of Hashem. The people did this once together with great Rabbis because the Rabbis instructed the people to do this.

And what was the campaign for?
Something political.
But to get together and say, "We're repenting and shutting down entertainment places with hechshers, and we're shutting down all the various entertainment establishments that have no relevance to Yiddishkeit and to say that we are doing teshuva (repenting) and cleaning out our houses and our hearts and our streets... this, of course, we don't do.

It's not that the Rabbis are against it; it's the business dealers who make a lot of money from all these entertainment places. That's why the Rabbis don't react.
Again, I repeat, it's not the Rabbis; there is a big wall around the gedolim (the greatest Rabbis of this generation) that they cannot permeate.

(The guest that was present wanted to test the whole FC thing...)
Guest: Can you tell me who visited you yesterday?

Daniel: Because you want to see if this is all real or not. But the whole matter of FC messages is dependant upon the person's faith. They either believe it or they don't. And it doesn't matter if I've written it or someone else. Truth remains truth no matter no matter who tells it.

Whoever knows the truth... (I missed a word here).
And if incredible things come out in these messages, they don't come by request, sometimes they do, but usually not.

When I write these messages it is only in order to say these kinds of things that are in our messages and not for any thing that relates to personal matters.

For anything not related to the messages you can ask me (not through FC).
This is the way Hashem sends His messages, in a way that does not fit with the logic of most people's minds. The truth is hidden behind something that is not so obvious and that is how it is in our generation.

Once, in the previous generation, there were dibbuks (possession of a body by another soul) but the dibbuk was very obvious and before that there were the prophets. This way, i.e. messages through autistic people, is for this generation because this generation is on such a lowly level.

The most important thing to do now is to publish and distribute the book "Daniel 2" and continue getting people to pray with sacks and ashes.

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