Chapter 65: The Last Chance

Chapter 65: The Last Chance

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FC with Binyamin Golden Jan.13.2008


Anyone can see that the status of the world is becoming most frightening and the world is really starting to fall apart.

Anyone can see this.

And anyone who is wise knows that everything that is happening now is happening precisely according to the sacred prophecies and was all planned in advance.  

Hashem is causing all the prophecies to take place one right after the next, not at lightening speed, but, nevertheless, things are happening rapidly, one right after the next.  

One can see that the present situation is similar to the time of Noah, as he was building the ark: he built it and built it, for 120 years so that the people would watch him and inquire and maybe then, even repent. But they just laughed at him and mocked his hard work.

Only when the water started to rise to a really frightening level, then the people panicked and tried with all their might to get into the ark. But it was not repentance they were after; they were merely desperate to save their own lives.

And this is the situation today. The time between now and the Redemption is not 120 years (it will be G-d Willing in the very near future), and this is the last chance for people to open their eyes and hearts and realize the situation we are facing and return to Hashem, blessed He. Whoever does not do this will be left outside [the ark, so to speak] and will completely vanish from existence.

There are people who want to build a nuclear shelter, in other words a shelter that will supposedly protect them from nuclear weapons. Nonsense. They think that this shelter will be the 'ark' that will save them, but it will really just be a grave; not a "Noah's Ark".

Whoever thinks this shelter will save his life, even though he does not believe and have faith in Hashem, and not just that, but that he has not taken one step to come close to Hashem, and besides that, he has even pushed people away from Hashem; such a person cannot even dream that a huge hole in the ground called a "shelter" will save him.

The only thing a person can do, now that we are so close to the end [of this deceitful world] is to come close to Hashem through prayer, Torah, teshuva (repentance), and tzedaka (giving charity). In other words, to do nothing but the will of Hashem.

And the most essential of all these things is doing teshuva - repenting. What does this mean? As I have written before, go together [men separately and women separately] to an appropriate place, like a Beis Midrash (study hall), a synagogue or some other sacred [Jewish] place, wear sacks on your bodies for the purpose of humbling yourselves and put ashes upon your heads to mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple and everything else we lost and remember that after all, with all our materialism, we are still in exile.

It is known that in the past, when the Jewish people were facing danger, the people went out into the streets with Sefer Torahs, wearing sacks upon their bodies and ashes upon their heads, saying prayers of confession - vidui, and with cries and shouts they repented, as written in the Gemara [Maseches Taanis 16,17 and Orach Chaim תקעט ].

We must cry and say vidui and confess all of our sins.

We must examine each and every sin and feel so sorry that we pushed away our Father in Heaven over such small and ridiculous things; that by doing these sins / transgressions, we built a wall between ourselves and Hashem.

We must feel truly sorry for all the seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days, the months and the years that we wasted and ruined and make a firm decision to change. We must decide to distance ourselves as much as possible from the exaggerated materialistic world; the gentile, Hellenistic world.

Instead, we must live our lives for the sole purpose of serving Hashem, from the morning when we say Modeh Ani till the night when we recite "Krias Shma". To just serve Hashem and come close to Him and fulfill His will. Then, we must return to our homes and implement these decisions.

This is what will save us and if we do this we are guaranteed wondrous miracles. Those who accept this and do it, these people alone have a chance of survival. We must do teshuva. There is no other way to be saved and receive our righteous Moshiach.

The secular world, too, must now start to repent. In this generation, the reality of Jews who fall into the category of "tinok shenishba" (Jews who really know nothing about Judaism and are therefore not blamed in Heaven for not keeping the Torah laws) is almost non-existent.

Every Jew who knows he's a Jew cannot say he didn't know. From the moment he discovers that he is Jewish, he is obligated to seek the truth, to research what it means to be a Jew and what Hashem requires of every Jew and to know what it means to be a real "Jew".

The answers to these questions can be found even on the internet, and certainly in the libraries. Anyone can sit by their computer and type the word "Jewish" or "Judaism" into the Google search bar and get lots of answers and an abundance of information for all there is to know about being a Jew.

In this day and age, the secular Jews who watch television, browse the internet and so on, see exactly what is going on in the world and they see that the world is truly facing a horrible war, the likes people have seen only in movies or read about in science-fiction books. Even these people should have by now realized that something super-natural is going on.

These people should realize that a person who sees such obvious things happening throughout the world such as the multiple natural disasters and all the preparations taking place for a world war, a nuclear war, etc., and is not afraid or looking to repent, he, too, will not survive.

And if he is looking to repent, then he, too, should sit and cry many tears over his wasted life and arouse his desire to come close to Hashem. Whoever understands even just a little bit of all this, Hashem will help him to understand much more.

There are all kinds of signs in the world, all kinds of messages from Heaven, that every person should realize are warnings from Hashem;  

through nature and through horrible wars threatening the world and an abundance of unnatural tragedies and all sorts of strange illnesses, G-d Forbid, etc.

Before every great war that happened, Hashem sent the Jews big signs. But people were not worried. They just wanted to go on with their pink dream that allowed them to continue living with materialism and worldly pleasures, instead of yearning for the Torah, mitzvos and coming close to Hashem.

The will of Hashem is the path to follow in order to merit receiving our righteous Moshiach. Our obligation is to follow the Will of Hashem, from morning till night and even while we are sleeping.

Q: Is Moshiach coming soon?

A: Very, very soon.

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