Chapter 76 FC with Daniel Q&A


Daniel: I want to say that the tragedy that took place last week was only the beginning of all the difficult times we are approaching and again, whoever wants to survive MUST do teshuva. This means doing self examination, internally and externally to see where we have gone against the will of Hashem and then feel so sorry about it that we would shed buckets upon buckets of tears. We must then make the firm decision to fulfill the will of Hashem, pick up a stone and smash anything that has any remote connection to the "Egel hazahav" (materialism and the pleasures of this world) until it turns into nothing but dust.

It was not by chance that that specific yeshiva was chosen. Not by chance at all. Nor were any of the other acts of terror. They all cause us to want to do some deep thinking.

Every tragedy that takes place has a specific reason, a root, and there is a reason that we cannot understand. We must therefore try and figure out the reason that we are able to understand.

Abba: Why was that yeshiva chosen?

Daniel: The Dati-Leumi (modern orthodox) movement tries very hard to be the elite of the Zionists. They think they have secured themselves a place in this world as well as in the next world.

A person that is truly spiritual does not feel that he possesses any power, that only Hashem possesses power. This is a person who believes that the reason of existence is Torah, mitzvos etc. and that this world is purely for the sake of fulfilling Hashem's will from morning to night and from night to morning and nothing else but the will of Hashem.

Yet, in the case of the dati-leumi, this is not their entire goal.These are not people whose entire lives evolve around the constant fulfilling of Hashem's will; these people think they can be part of the secular world as well as being religious -more or less believing in Hashem. A person who seeks education from the secular - Hellenistic world must return to the real, proper Yiddishkeit and become a true follower of Hashem.

The Dati-Leumi Jews have great weaknesses when it comes to Yiddishkeit.

The difference between the weakness that has ensnared the Charedi community lately, and the weakness of the Dati-Leumi community is, with the Dati-Leumi, their weakness is a part of their idealism whereas with the Charedim it is just a personal weakness each individual has with his or her connection to this world.

The Yiddishkeit of the so-called radical Jews or Ultra Orthodox is true Yiddishkeit.

Abba: The eight people that were killed were all complete tzaddikim, no?

Daniel: Of course they were all tzaddikim. They were simply the sacrifices of this generation, just like the tzaddikim that passed away during the holocaust. The sacrifice needs to be complete and they were complete.

Abba: Is there anything you want to add?

Daniel: I just want to say that in the very near future there will be some very amazing and terrifying developments and it is crucial for people to do self-examination and figure out where they are defying the will of Hashem.

Abba: What do you think about the 'sacks and ashes'?

Daniel: I am very excited about it although it's not exactly being done the way it's supposed to and the amount of people doing it is not very big, but it is the base and Be'ezras Hashem that base will grow and save many Jews.

There are going to be such harsh times soon, people won't know where to turn and will be forced to turn to Hashem. They will have to try and figure out how to turn to Hashem because so many people have forgotten the way, so now they will have to search for it.

Abba: When should we have the next 'sacks and ashes' campaign?

Daniel: Rosh Chodesh Nissan, if a tragedy does not occur beforehand.

If something big happens before, then we will speak again.

Abba: Someone asked me what are our chances of the Geula coming with ease and mercy?

Daniel: That depends upon all of Am Yisrael.

Abba: What do you think about the prayers in the streets with fifty children?

Daniel: Very impressive, very impressive.

Abba: In Ofakim over 100 people attended. The Rabbi of the city gave a drasha (Torah speech) and I heard that the prayers there were very strong.

Daniel: That is very important and since Kassam rockets have fallen in Ofakim, they knew how to pray from the heart.

When there is fear, and that is what is about to take place - a very great fear, it can bring the people closer to Hashem. And that means everywhere, not just in Netivot, Sderot, Ashkelon, Ofakim, up North and down South.

Abba: You know, I ran out of sacks. I had 1000 altogether. Should I make more?

Daniel: Make two-thousand.

Abba: Two thousand?!

Daniel: Yes.

Abba: Someone sent us an email, asking if Daniel can give us some short notice before the big things take place?

Daniel: If a person is prepared, he does not need any notice.

Abba: Are you and the other autistic people (who give messages) all in tuned with each other at all times?

Daniel: Yes.

Abba: With Galia as well?

Daniel: With everyone. Galia is simply showing people a different angle.

Abba: Her new message is so gentle, full of love.

Daniel: That's why the people need her as well as the rest of us. Because the reality we are facing is very harsh, they sent in Galia to relax some of the people. People are starting to panic; they don't know which way to turn first.

There are even Jews who don't know there is such a thing as the Geula and that that is what is supposed to happen. They are taken aback by all this.

Abba: I thought perhaps Galia's messages were intended more for women, no?

Daniel: Not (just) for the women; the men are actually more liable to panic.

(We all laughed at that)

The person who helped arrange the 'sacks and ashes' march in Jerusalem called and asked how it was, in Daniel's eyes.

Daniel: What they did was excellent (they marched from the Geula neighborhood all the way to the kosel (Western Wall) wearing sacks and ashes although there were not very many people but the amount will grow. It will grow very big when the missiles start falling all over the place, G-d forbid or when other disasters, lo aleinu happen and then people will start running, frantically looking for Hashem.

Abba: Someone suggested we do this in the streets and not just in Jerusalem. Every day somewhere else, with loudspeakers, tallises and sacks to arouse people to do teshuva.

Daniel. Not yet, it's not yet time. It's a great idea but the time for that has not yet come.

Abba: Daniel, should we be sitting on the ground during the 'sacks and ashes' campaigns?

Daniel: That is a big part of the whole matter of sacks and ashes; a person sitting humiliated on the ground mourning over everything we lost on account of our sins.

Abba: A yeshiva asked us for a donation. Should I tell them I will donate to them if they do a 'sacks and ashes' assembly?

Daniel: Definitely. If they say that they don't want to cancel the learning time, tell them it is an emergency. Abba, whoever wants a donation has to first do teshuva. You don't like suicidal people, only people who want to live. Whoever wants to live must do teshuva. You are prepared to invest only in those who have a future.

I want to explain something; when a person is dying - let's say he's drowning, as he's drowning, if he suddenly asks you for some ice cream you would say, "are you crazy?! You can have ice cream, but take hold of a lifeline first and save yourself! Then you can have your ice cream!"

People must now do teshuva. You should bring the awareness of this to the yeshiva boys and kollel men. A large amount of the Yeshiva boys are completely on the wrong track and their lives are thus in great danger. If we want to save them we must get them to start a 'teshuva campaign'.

The Rosh yeshiva should lead the prayers with shouts and cries, they should accept upon themselves the yoke of Heaven and he should say strengthening words of Torah. If they won't then, don't donate.

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