Chapter 82
Chapter 82: In memory of a tzadekes (righteous girl).

FC with Binyamin and Daniel, Chol-hamoed Pesach, Apr.22.08

(My remarks are in parenthesis, Daniel's father.)


Monday, Chol Hamoed Pesach, we thought of going to Jerusalem to visit Daniel. That afternoon, I received a phone call form someone in Jerusalem. I was informed that Batya, a young girl who had CP had just passed away last night.

They just had the levayah (burial ceremony).

Tomorrow there will be an FC session in her memory.

I never knew her and actually, no one really knew her greatness. That's how it is in the world of the autistic and brain-damaged people. They are usually being raised in special hostels and the only people that know them are the families and caretakers and if they are being cared for at home then perhaps also the neighbors.

I don't need to elaborate and there are really no words to describe the life of a family raising an autistic or brain-damaged child at home, as Batya's family did.

We agreed to meet the following evening, five o'clock in Har-Nof, Jerusalem.

On Tuesday, we drove to the hostel to pick up Daniel and after a slight delay arrived in Har-Nof.

There were about twenty people present, some of which I knew, Rabbis who deal in kiruv (bringing Jews closer to Hashem) were present as well as people of different backgrounds that had known, respected and loved Batya.

The atmosphere was unique, a kind of silence I cannot describe. We took our seats and the session began.


We have gathered here today because of Batya, may she rest in peace. Not only did she suffer from CP, she was a tremendous soul and it is time to explain to some people who she really was. I won't tell you who she is a reincarnation of and I won't tell you how many times she has been in this world. All I can say is that she was a great, lofty soul that was sent here in the years preceding the Moshiach in order to help Am Yisrael do teshuva (repentance). To bring down some clarity into this world and help people learn what the real truth is.

In our world so full of confusion, of unnecessary toys and junk, that for the sake of these ridiculous toys, normal people are prepared to sacrifice their place in this world as well as in the next - the Olam Haba. They are prepared to lie and kill and commit terrible sins even against their own families, just so that they may continue playing their imaginary games of this modern world and unfortunately, many of these people are even Charedi (Ultra-orthodox).

Batya was sent here and her name has significant meaning. She came here to give the Jewish people some guidance on how to truly serve Hashem.

Over the past few years Batya did not write very much because of various reasons but during the first years that she was communicating, she said some very, very great things. And here I would like to request that you gather everything she has ever written and if there is time, please advertise her words on the site Dani 18 and put out a booklet because Batya was one of our greatest - of the brain-damaged people who were sent here to help Am Yisrael.

It is written that when a tzaddik (righteous people) leaves a place [passes away], the merits of that place go down and the risk of danger coming to that place grows and can cause destruction (Rashi, Parshas Vayetzeh: when a tzaddik leaves a place it makes a great impression. As long as the tzaddik is in that city, he is the light, he is the glory, he is the honor of the city. When he passes away, the glory, the light, and the honor leave the city [with him]).

I want to tell you all something now, so it will be clear, that the fact that Batya passed away now, is certainly not by chance. She knew that just before Moshiach comes would be her time to go. She knew it in advance and that is another sign that the end is ever so close now and all the people sitting here are truly looking forward to the end, any day now. They wake up every day and ask, "Nu? What's new? What's happening?" They pray and ask Hashem to put it all to an end already, to put the sheker to an end, but it just keeps dragging on.

They think "Oh, finally, the Americans will attack now, maybe the Arabs will attack, something should happen somewhere, so that we'll know that it is the end and Moshiach is coming already, we don't care what happens, let us suffer! The agony of being in this deceitful world is worse, there is no greater agony.

Because of this, all the people sitting here were also chosen, since only a person who feels this way can receive Moshiach. Only a person who is sick of the sheker (the lies of this world), who doesn't even know how we can go on one more day without the Moshiach, without the Emes (the Ultimate truth; Hashem's truth). Only a person like this can receive Moshiach. This is why Batya passed away at this time, and not alone; other righteous people passed away also at the same time - some righteous children, some tzaddikim, some lofty women - in those exact days when Batya passed away, so did these other righteous people.

This is just to show us that the end is truly near. The fact that Batya passed away means that now is truly the time to start getting ready. Not just by preparing supplies of food and water, prepare yourselves mentally and spiritually for receiving Moshiach. The test we are about to go through will be particularly in the area of bitachon (trust in Hashem). In Israel, the greatest nissayon (test) will be a tremendous fear. Overseas there will be very real and vicious dangers. Here, in Israel, everyone will be placed in a situation where they will have no one else to turn to for help, and will have to turn to Hashem. There will be no where else to go and nothing else will save us.

The fear will be immense. Anyone who has never yet experienced what will happen cannot even begin to imagine the fear we will feel. I can't even describe the fear - it will be so terrible. Overseas it will be even worse; not just fear but terrible events.

You are saying to yourselves, "Well, if its just fear, we'll get over it." But it won't be that simple. This is going to be such a fear that only few will be able to truly get through it and remain calm and balanced and ready to receive Moshiach.

Hashem has now given all sorts of troubles to people from different directions in order to train them how to place their faith in no one else but Him. We must pay no attention at all, whatsoever to the daily difficulties we face, to the illnesses, G-d forbid, may we not know, to the financial troubles or any other kind of problem. Just act as though none of it is happening. Let Hashem take care of everything, since in any case He is the one who handles everything.

You can make a small effort to help bring in the livelihood, but not wholehearted efforts. Make an effort because you are obligated to at least do something, but not beyond that.

Since now we must strengthen our faith in Hashem, we are coming into all sorts of troubles and being put to the test continuously.

Any person who has no troubles now or nissyonos (tests) - I am very concerned for him. Very concerned. Because a person like this is simply not seeing his nissyonos, he does not understand that he has nissyonos and therefore he will not ever be able to receive Moshiach, G-d forbid.

There are all kinds of Jews in this world, many different types. The only ones that are following the correct path, the path of Truth, are those that want with all their might, with all their heart, who want 'body and soul' to be servants of Hashem, to do nothing but Hashem's will. They live purely for the sake of doing Hashem's will. These Jews can be sure they will receive Moshiach.

Even though here and there they err, that's not what matters. What matters is that they get up again and continue with all their will and might to try and overcome their evil inclination and go on.

In order to accomplish this, one must be strong in his faith in Hashem. Now is a time of sacrifice. It is a time where one must put up mechitzas (dividers) between himself and the unnecessary things of this world. When I say "the unnecessary things of this world", I mean that of course we have to eat, sleep, get dressed, etc., it's very good to have a separate outfit for Shabbos and at least one for the weekdays, etc. These are the necessities of this world in order for a person to be able to do mitzvos. But we should not go beyond that.

End of part A.

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