Chapter 86
Chapter 86 - FC with Menachem, June 19th 2008

The world is now preparing for the coming of Moshiach. This is why the chutzpah [insolence] has crossed every limit, as we know from the prophecies of our Sages [at the end of the exile, before the coming of Moshiach the insolence will grow, Sanhedrin page 97, Sotah 49, etc.]. The chutzpah will reach its peak if Heaven forbid, the parade takes place as planned.
This is the chutzpah of the world before the days of Moshiach and now we are living that period in time. Now, the chutzpah has become unbearable. This is a time of such great insolence that has spread throughout every place in the world.
Yet now, of all times, is specifically the time where every Jew must return to the truth, to his root [to Hashem]!

Now is the time that in order to survive, every Jew must do complete teshuva. They must separate themselves from all the gashmius [materialism] and purify themselves from all their sins. And now, particularly at this immensely important time, the time of Heavenly judgment, the time where every Jew must accept upon himself the Yoke of Heaven, specifically at this moment in time, a group of grave sinners, whose leader is the Evil Inclination himself, is coming to Jerusalem, the Holy Land and want to carry out an impure parade right in front of the holiest place!

A group of despicable perverts who blatantly go against the Torah [a sin for which the punishment is stoning or spiritual excision] in front of the whole world. Specifically in the Holy Land, this group, with all their chutzapah, is getting together to parade immodestly, in a way that they are shamelessly praising very serious sins relating to incest and the likes, before the whole world. They want to say to Hashem, "We've won, (Heaven forbid), we are going against the Torah, we rule... (Heaven forbid.) Here, we have come to the Holy City with our impurity and we are parading through the streets in the most disgusting way and the Jewish police officers are protecting us - and the Charedim [Ultra-orthodox] remain silent."

True, we, the Charedim, are generally silent. But that silence is screaming up to Heaven, and bringing down a flood of tears. And why are we silent?
There are a lot of excuses -their so-called 'reasons' people give for this:
One 'reason' is that you mustn't pull Jews out of their yeshivas to face such impurity and filth.
A second 'reason' is - it won't help to speak up in any case.
The final 'reason' - the main reason they don't try to fight it, is because they just want quiet.

But it will not go over quietly. Hashem, Himself, will punish us all directly because of this, G-d forbid, because this is the last straw, the last insult Hashem is prepared to take.

There will be a punishment from Shamayim [Heaven] and don't be surprised. A punishment will come [One who is able to speak up against the transgressors but does not will also be punished for the sin, see Maseches Shabbos page 54.].
Those who do something to prevent the impurity will not feel the punishment.

But those who remain silent because they feel uncomfortable, or because of all sorts of reasons that are simply not good enough,
and the actual people who with all their nerve, immodestly transgress a sin that is completely immodest and obscene, one which is particularly detestable in Hashem's eyes,
these people will very strongly feel the wrath of the Master of the World.

Am Yisrael, Am Yisrael, the end of this deceitful and materialistic world is coming. It is coming at the speed of lightening. Everyone can see this. A most frightening situation.
Throughout the world and particularly in the Western countries, the wealthiest countries, the financial situation is becoming very worrisome. The price of gasoline is going up in a way it never has before, which is causing a drastic rise in costs of all other materialistic aspects in life as well [as is written in Sanhedrin, see above, that the prices will soar.] A lot of banks are about to collapse and the poverty throughout the Western world has gone up frighteningly. The price of food throughout the world is uncontrollably going up.

In addition to all this, the world is on the verge of a World War. In this war, people are planning to use the most vicious weapons that have ever existed throughout history; massive amounts of biological, chemical and nuclear warfare.
The final war is going to be the greatest and most vicious war that has ever been. According to the prophecies, two-thirds of the world will be destroyed [see Zachariah 13].

The world of nature is also on the verge of collapse. Whether it is the infamous tsunami or the destruction of the city New Orleans by a hurricane, the global warming, the ice that is melting in the north and south poles [see Yerushalmi 9, 5"2 that says that this certain sin causes earthquakes...], floods, hurricanes causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and leaving millions of people homeless etc., etc. wherever these things are happening, whether in China, Burma, the U.S.A. or any other place throughout the world.

We see how the world is falling apart, financial-wise, nature-wise, shaking from the sounds of the wars already taking place all over and from the great World War about to take place.

Woe to us,
Woe to us!
Such a low generation, such a pathetic generation, a twisted generation, such a dirty generation, a generation that cannot tell the difference between good and bad, between mutar [permitted] and asur [forbidden], a generation that does not respect teachers, righteous people - tzaddikim, the Torah and the mitzvos and generally does not respect Hashem, blessed be He.

They do not respect Hashem, the One who created and redeemed us, Who gives us air to breathe, food and every other necessity and asks of us only one thing - to do His will: to keep His mitzvos, come close to Him and trust that He is the Omnipotent. He gives us life and sustains us up until the very last day of our lives and after that.

Every person who wants to be saved and merit receiving our righteous Moshiach is going to have to do complete teshuva [repentance]. Hashem is willing to accept every ba'al teshuva [repenting person] and is willing to receive and welcome them back into His home and give them a life of eternity.

And every person who wants to be saved must clearly ask Hashem with all his heart, his entire being, for the complete Redemption [Ramba"m Hilchos Melachim 11], our righteous Moshiach and Beis Hamikdash and he must be willing to wholeheartedly accept the Yoke of Heaven.
Only such a person will be redeemed.

Dedicated to Tzipora bas C. for a refuah shleima

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