Moshiach - by Ben Golden


Moshiach our King is here. He is right in our midst, standing next to us in a crowd. He davens with us in shul. We take no notice of him because we see only ourselves and our own needs. When will he be able to reveal himself? When will the time come? It must be very soon, because time as we know it, is ending. Either we will reveal him or Hashem will.

Hashem created a King to lead a nation of tzadikim. When we become that nation Moshiach will be able to be crowned.

The work to make baalei tshuvah is the most important effort to save Jewish souls and bring Moshiach without much suffering. When we can through our efforts bring all of Am Yisroel back to Torah, then maybe we will be able to crown Moshiach in peace.

Understand well what I am about to say. Moshiach is a person who is part of Am Yisroel. He is the greatest tzadik. He is G-d's representative and he is the human bridge between G-d and His people. But in order for Am Yisroel to recognize their King, they must be like him in holiness. When this happens it will become clear to holy eyes our holy Moshiach.

I must add here that if we will not work day and night to save Jewish souls, many many will be lost and Moshiach will arrive with great suffering. Those religious Jews who ignore their unenlightened brethren and make no effort to save them, it will be held against you.

I plead with my brothers and sisters, save us all.

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