Q&A with Daniel, part 1

Questions And Answers with Daniel.   Part 1.
From FC with Daniel at:  18-Jan-2007 and 30-Jan-2007.

Daniel doesn't know English, but his "Neshama" (soul)
There where few questions about "Zivugim", "Parnasa" and
health, so Daniel started with that.
Thank you,
Daniel's father.

  I want to welcome all the people that are visiting our
  website, we are living in difficult times, and it's so
  important to see the truth in this world.
  Whether you see it directly from the "Sfarim" (books),
  which is definitely a better place to see it from, or you
  see it on a website from a autistic, which is a lower
  place to see it from.
  The important thing is to see it and to do Hashem's will.

  That's the point in life to see the truth, and to do
  Hashem's will, and hopefully we all will be saved, and 
  merit to greet Mesiach Zidkeynu.

To all those who asked about Zivugim, I can't answer
individually everyone. I just want to explain that in
Zivugim, there are many reasons why people don't seem
to find their Zivug, either at all Has-Vesahlom, or maybe
later in life, or maybe after a few tries, a few marriages.
In our generation it's a much bigger problem than in other generations.

1.There is a great "ANOCHIYUT" selfishness in the world in
   this particular generation. And that selfishness causes a
   lot of people to pass by their true Zivug, because they
   don't feel like giving in, giving up
   what they want, this is a big problem.

2.There are people who just don't find their Zivug.
   They never find their Zivug, or may have multiple
   marriages, marriage divorce, marriage divorce.
   These are Tikunim that have to be done.
   And the important thing about it with everything we
   suffer is - to always be "BSIMCHA", happy and close
   to Hashem, doing His will. And if we do that, then for
   sure we will make our Tikun.

3.There are people who are looking for Zivugim and do
   finally find them and maybe they are not so happy with
   their Zivug.  They go through life upset and angry
   situation. This should never be, whoever your Zivug is,
   make the best of it.
   Don't come down because of your Zivug in your work with
   Hashem. Bring your Zivug up, Live together with the
   person even though it's not exactly your cup of tea,
   so to speak, because this is your Tikun.

   Sometimes "GITIN" are necessary, other times you just
   have to keep going. The most important thing is to make
   a home full of Kdusha and Simcha.

For people that are ill:  Much of the illnesses of today have
to do with the lake "ZNIUT" (Modesty), for the woman and
for the man. It's obvious that the modern jewish woman
has become just a Barbi-doll. A Barbi-doll that keeps certain
minimum "Dinim", very minimum. This Jewish beauties pull
the eyes of all the men that they pass in the street.
Many husbands enjoy the attention their wives are getting.

Skirts too tight and too short, tops too tight, necklines too
open and revealing, stockings too light, too see through.
And of course many woman wear shoes that make a lot of
noise and attract a lot of attention. 
This is considered an
abomnation in heaven, and cause many "AVEROT" (sins)
to happened.  
A beautifull woman who flaunts her beauty
in the street causes many men to look at her and to think
things that are "Averot" (sinful). She will be punished,
and he will be punished !

But the illnesses that people suffer, are not "DAVKA"
(because) they are the ones that are doing the wrong
things. They are the ones that pay the price. The ones
that do the wrong thing are the reason for all our
So I beg everyone, Please, Please, the men,
the women, Please, Please, keep your minds on Kodesh!
Don't let your wife go to the street and make men look
at her! 
Don't raise your children in an atmosphere of Pizza,
Bowling and Dvds. Please, Please, Please, save the next generation, and come back to Kdusha (Holiness).

The lack of Parnassa is causing Jew's to pray to Hashem
to bring them a Yeshua and Parnassa. That's what Hashem
expects from us. The reason for problems for Parnassa is
that Hashem wants us to pray and come close to Him,
and to realize that only He gives Parnassa, no one else.
Pray with all of your heart and with complete trust in Hashem.

Daniel answers:

Title: Baal Teshuva
Ask:   R. from Johannesburg    (08-Jan-2007)
    I am a nice guy Baal Teshuva but it is hard...
   I know it's very hard to be a Baal Teshuva,
   but that's your tikun.
   So  you better do it,
   and you better do it  "BSimcha" (happily).
   Because if you don't, you will be in a bigger problem
   than you think.

Title: Message from shamayim.
Ask:  M. from Lakewood. (08-Jan-2007)
    What message does Shamayim have for me at this time?
   It's a very interesting question.
   I can only ask you - Why do you think you should have a
   message from Shamayim ?
   Do You think you are so great that you can type in a
   to a website and get an answer from Shamayim ?
   And anyway, why are you looking in the internet ?
   You are suppose to be sitting and learning...

Title: Prayers for our Health.
Ask:   Chaya from Georgia. (09-Jan-2007)
   Dear Daniel, I liked your website very much.
   I wanted to ask you to please keep me in your prayers
   for my health.
   My name to daven for is Chaya.... Thank you!
   Chaya and all the ill of Am Yisrael,
   I ask Hakadosh-Baruch-Hu to give you all Refua-Shlema
   (a complete recovery).
   And I ask all the readers of the website to keep in mind
   all Holey-Amo-Yisrael that they should all have -

Title: Deepest desire.
Ask:   Chava from N.Y.  (21-Jan-2007)
   Will my deepest desire happen?
   I have tried my best and have no more koach.
   Please, help me. Thank you.
   I can't really tell you, Chava, if you are going to get your
   deepest desire, I can only pray that if your Deepest
   desire is to be close to Hashem, and if that is you do,
   then all of your whishes, if they are the right ones,
   will for sure be answered positively.

Title:  Messiach.
Ask: Brent, Sydney
   Hi Could you please ask Daniel or friends more about
   Moshiach, can they give some details about him without
   revealing him. Does Moshiach know that he is Moshiach
   yet?.  Is he in the land of Israel or outside?
   Has the effects of Moshiach been felt in the world yet if
   so what?  How old is he? etc. I enjoyed reading the site
   as it was posted on Yiddishkeit.com. My blessings to
   you and your family.
  The only thing that you didn't ask me Brent, what
  passport number does Massiach have.  He is definitely
  here, because in every generation Massiach comes.
  However the Neshama of Massiach doesn't go into the
  person untill He is ready to be revealed, so we are waiting.

  It should be very soon, because if you only read the
  Nevuot, you'll see that almost every Nevua has allready
  happaned, and we are waiting now for the final climax of
  what supposed to be. So I bench us all to "Zoyche" (merit)
  really, to see the end and to be saved with all the Jewies
  and we should "Zoyche" (merit) Massiach Zidkeynu.

Title: Tehillim
Ask:   Leah from Yerushalayim (09-Jan-2007)
   Are some people more connected to Sefer Tehillim
   with a special connection? leah bas esther.
  Yes, there are many people that are connected to
  "Tehillim" especially. However, Tehillim is for everyone.

  Some people feel it more deeply, and some people less,
  but it's very worthwhile for all to say Tehillim, if possible
  every single day. It's brings big Yeshuot, and it brings us
  much closer to Kadosh-Baruch-Hu.

Title: Thillim.
Ask:   Leah from Yerushalayim. (29-Jan-2007)
   I had sent my question in before about Tehillim, but I
   wasn't specific. So I'll elaborate: there's something
   called the "birthday perek" in Tehillim, meaning that a
   newborn's perek would be perek #1, a three  year
   old's perek would be #4, a twenty year old's perek is
   #21 etc. At a certain point, I noticed that my birthday
   perek often has VERY direct references to things that
   apply to me that year. Not general things but very
   specific, for example, the only year that I went touring
   northern Eretz Yisrael with my family, was perek 42
   which mentions Chermonim. The year we bought our
   apartment and moved was "Mizmor shir chanukas
   habayis".  There are many more examples.  I was
   wondering if there is such a thing as having a special
   connection to Tehillim and what does this mean. I know
   that everyone is connected to Tehillim, but i never heard
   of this type. Leah Yerushalayim.
   Leah from Yerushalayim, I want to tell you that I'm very
   jealous of you. To be able to look into the Tehillim of
   your year and see whats happening is a very great thing.
   Hashem is showing you directly that He is connected with
   you, that He is with you. It's a very great thing and don't
   take it lightly.

Title: Daniel
Ask:   liz c.
  You are a lovely boy, and i am very sad you cannot learn
  Torah, i hope with all my heart that HKB will sweeten your
  tikkun.  So that you may have some inner peace, as now
  you are helping people to do teshuva.
   First of all I want to thank you, that my tikun is easier than
   most normall people, Because I can't do Averos (Sins) I
   can't fall, I can't lies either,  so its much easier for me
   than for you.  I bench you, I bless you that you also should
   fullfill your tikun, and that all of us together, should bring
   Massiach Zidkeynu.

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