Q&A with Daniel, part 3

Questions And Answers with Daniel.   Part 3.
 From FC with Daniel, Jerusalem, 13-Feb-2007.

Subject:  Come to Israel.
Ask:      Few people.
  Whoever is afraid to come to live in Israel I can say only
  this. There is not a place in the world that will be safer.

Subject:  Moshiach
Ask:      a.    (05-Feb-2007)
   You said; Hashem created a King to lead a nation of
   tzadikim. When we become that nation Moshiach will be
   able to be crowned. What about if the nation will never
   be of tzadikim, does that mean that Moshiach will never
   come too?  If you see around things are not going more
   for good but for bad.
  Of course Moshiach will come and (HKB"H) is not going to
  abandon his nation. Bezraat Hashem we will all merit to
  meet Moshiach Zidkeynu but if "Chas vehalila" (G-d forbid)
  many of us fail in our "Tikun", then whoever didn't fail will
  meet Moshiach Zidkeynu.

Ask: David from France  (06-Feb-2007 #135)
   Is Hashem satisfied of my service to Him ?
  G-d loves every Jew that tries to be a good Jew, keeping
  Mitzvos, learning Torah doing Chessed etc... If you're
  trying very hard to be a good Jew, I can't see why he
  shouldn't be happy with you.

Ask: N. from Raanana   (05-Feb-2007 #130)
     will i find a husband?
   I bentch you that you should find a husband, a good
   Jew one that learns Torah, keeps Mitzvos an Erlich Jew.

Ask: J.M. from Quebec. Canada (08-Jan-2007 #148)
  Is it not a duty of the Jewish nation to teach the nations
  of the world about Hashem and the ways to serve Him?
  And of the blessings wich result in putting one entire faith
  in G-d, the Creator?  It seems to me that it would be the
  best way for the Jewish nation to be accepted by the
  world.  J.M.
  Absolutley. There's one big problem. Only a few Jews
  know that, and only a few Jews are capable of doing it,
  and those Jews are trying. But the rest are so influenced
  by the non-Jewish ways and the materialistic pull of
  (the none Jewish world. They are in a big dilemma) which
  way to go. They themselves have a Dilemma, and this is
  what is supposed to happen and is happening at the end of
  times just before Moshiach arrives.
aniel's Father:  If She wants to know more ?
Daniel:  She should go to any authorized orthodocs Rabbi.

Ask:  A. from Victoria   (08-Jan-2007 #9)
  1. If the G-d is the only Creator that knows the future and
      coming of Moshiach, how can humans (who dont know)
      predict this coming?
  2. If G-d is Creator,behind all beings or things that happen,
      why people think that Moshiach is the king when the true
      king is infact G-d?
  3. If all come from G-d, than why people think that all
       others are not from G-d, exept them?
   4. If all come from G-d equaly, than why people select
       between themselves who is the closest to G-d (King)
       and who is far or not?

  1.They can't. No one so far has hit it on the nail.
     Every great Tzadikim. So it's still only Hashem's secret.
     Of course Yaakov knew, but he was stoped from saying.
  2.Absolutely correct. Hashem is the King of kings.
     Moshiach is his representative in this world.
     He teaches Am Yisroel how to approach Hashem.
     Moshiach is a teacher and will teach us to live in a much
     more exhalted way.    
  3.Everything and everyone is from G-d.
     Hakadosh-Baruch-Hu the "Ribono Shel Olam" the King
     of kings. However He has His favorite people which are
     the Jewish people. Everyone knows the story of how
     Hashem offered the Torah to every people in the world
     but not one of those people wanted to give up the
     Averos (sins) that were so close to them. Only Am Yisroel.
     So that's it. We are what is called the chosen people.
     The favorite son.     
4. People can select whatever they wish but only G-d's
    selection is true.

Ask:  D. from Sydney.
   When will Gilad Shalit be free?  (I ask Daniel that
   question in the previes meeting, and he answer in
   Hebrew. I ask Daniel this time, to answer in English.
   Daniel's Father).
   I have a better question,
   When will we all be free ?
   When will we all be free of the ("Sheker") Falseness ?
   When will we all be free of the dependance on the illusion
   of the "Gashmiuth" of the materialism, When?
Shalit is a prisoner of war.  I don't know when he'll be
   released, but Shalit is a message from (Shamayim)
   heaven to all the Jews. And that is.
   Once we free ourselves from the world of lies and go
   towards the truth, with a capital T, then there will be no
   more Jewish prisoners of war or captives. We will all be

Daniel's Father:
  What about Polard ?
  Polard is the same story.  Polard and Shalit both belonged
  to a society of lies, illusions. They gave themselves for an
  illusion, not with bad intentions, but believing in an
  Idealism that doesn't have anything to do with truth.
  When a Jew goes far from his G-d then he becomes
  automatically a prisoner of the lies. Both Polard and Shalit
  and all Jewish captives are victims ("Korban").
  For if every Jew will come close to Hashem, keeping
  (Shabbos), Mitzvos, learning Torah, being kind to each
  other, not speaking "Leshon Ara" (Gossip) keeping
  "Zniuth" keeping the laws of modesty , then every captive
  Jew will be free.

Ask:  P. from oldsmar    (08-Jan-2007)
   Daniel, I have been blessed with so much- I am sorry for
   your suffering.  What can I do for Israel?
   Well, P. you can pray for Israel, you can come close to
   the truth and try to understand Israel and you can help
   the world to see the truth and the falseness of the world
   of lies.

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