Chapter 13 - the 4th FC

  The 4th FC meeting with Ben and Daniel
  Tuesday, Jerusalem 5-Dec-2006

This is my 4th FC, the third FC with Daniel.
At the FC were Presents: A few autistics, the host, S. (relative),
my wife and myself.  The FC began with Ben Goldin.
My comments will appear in "()".
Here it starts:

  I know you are suffering, Beezrat Hashem you will have
  great miracles (nisim),  because of your real "Tshuva".
  At this moment everything seems dark (black), Beezrat
  Hashem it will turn brighter.
  I bless the family with health, "Parnassa" and to be close
  to Hashem, and to welcome the Messiah with all Am Yisrael.

  The end is very close and many Jews are far away from
  Hashem, so we must do our best in every way we can,
  for them to do "Tshuva", and save them.
I told him about the website that I plan to open.

  You will see that this website will be popular within a short
  time, the website is very important, but some Jews will not
  visit the site, and therefore you must print the book
  ("A STILL SMALL VOICE").  Because bad times will descend
  upon the world and Jews and gentiles will search for

Here start the FC with Daniel:

   I very much want to be in this site, I feel that I finally have
   a role in the world "Baruch Hashem".

I  asked if he has a message for S. before we will continue.

   I want to tell you what I feel, I feel that you don't
   understand me, and I feel that you are more happy when
   you're not close to me, because I am an autistic child.

   I pray for you, I love you, it's not easy to be like me,
   and it's not easy to be like you, but each one of us has a
   "TIKUN", and that's not easy. 
You are a "high" soul
   ("NESHAMA GEDOLA"), but you don't let (your soul)
   reach it's peak (where its should be), because you are
   materialistic, and the soul within you wants to rise.

S. asked if he will see the Massiah in his physical body.
   Don't be afraid, if you will do real Teshuva, and try to be
   like your Rabbi, then yes, yes, yes, you will see the
   Massiah in your physical body.

S. asked if he should fly to America for the operation.
   I am not a doctor, you have to ask your Rabbi.

Daniel asked vocally: "Will I get married or not?",
I  told him to answer it in the FC.
   I want very much, I wait for the salvation.

I: Daniel, Do you want to answer the visitor's questions in
    the internet ?
   Yes, I want to answer the questions, very much.

I  wanted to Consult with him about how to publicize the site.
   You have to open with the following opening:
   Whoever wants life - should visit here.

I: Daniel, do you want to send a message towards the
    opening of the website?
   Prior to opening, there are many articles and also the
   new article of Ben, and that's enohgh to begin with.

(Later, in one of the FC with Daniel, he ask to add the article
  of Ben Golden - "I AM AUTIST" as the first article, and I did).

I  asked what are the titles, keywords for publicizing the
   website ?)
   There are enough words and sentences in the articles to
   attract the eye and heart.
   The website must also be in English, at least parts of it.
(end of FC).

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