Chapter 15

Chapter 15, The Silent before the Storm.
Written by the autistic Binjamin Golden
(13-Dec-2006, Jerusalem, 
Translated from Hebrew).
Am Yisrael, we have been constantly talking, here and there
we can see a small change for the good, but it's not enough,
not enough.  So I was asked to specify more what we have to
do, to specify what happens in our world, and what are the
main messages we got from heaven.
I think that most Jews know that the world works differently
than before, even different from 20 years ago. Every year we
see more and more events that weren't till now.
But Most people close their eyes and continue on living falsy
as if nothing happened.
Let's begin with the earth, what we call nature.  We know that
it's extemly cold in the north pole and it's extremly cold in the
south pole, know that in Alaska there are people who live in
houses made of ice. 
But today, things that were so natural
and were written in the geography books have changed
Colossal icebergs break and dissolve as the result of the heat
and fall into the water, in a pieces that are as big as whole
The atmosphere has been warmed and as a result the
ocean rises and causes flooding.
Temperatures in Alaska have risen and there is less and less
snow and ice, Increasing insects and creatures that are usualy
not found there.
Because of the warming, there are countries
in the far East and in Africa that hunger increases and there
are less and less land capable of cultivating food, more and
more people move from these places to more green and rainy
places and this causes to very great problems.
Lately we
encounter the most dangerous hurricanes and typhoons
storms, great floods in Europe and other places, the most
frightful Tzunami, tornado winds, even in places like London,
France etc.

Enormous floods in all places including the United States,
there are many dangerous earthquakes, in addition to this
there is a phenomenon of mud becoming loose and sliding
that covers whole towns in some countries.
But those changes do not catch the attention of all, many of
us don't pay them any notice and fail to see Hashem's hand
in all of this.

The western world which is progressing so far in the medical
field is not successful to overcome the new diseases that
harm the humanity. 
The known disease that claims the life
of many people in great numbers, adults and young.
The (HIV) that harms millions of people "Lo aleynu",
there are very many children that are born with flaws,
more than there ever were, flaws like syndrome of glider
or similar things and also bodily mental, like CP, cerebral
paralysis, L"a.
There are all sorts of diseases we don't even know where
they come from. And now we hear that the magic medicine
"Antibiotic" can possible cause a new disease, bacteria that
are already immune to it, a disease that can kill millions...

Let's see what's happening in the secure world.
The world returned to the situation it was in before the first
and second world war. There are two sides:
On the one side - the crazy people that are ready to endanger
the whole world only for their madness.
And on the other side those who want to hold/keep
materialistic life that allow people do every forbidden thing,
as long as they not caught.

In the western world there are many who deal with many
violations according to the tendency of every person, and the
insane Arab world that is ready to fight against the democracy
that declined so much in morality that is the most simple and
so basic.
And who is caught in middle? Am Yisrael As usual.

It's impossible to depend on America or England or Europe.
And there is again the very worrisome antisemitism.
There are countries with nuclear ability that even if they
don't have missiles that can't reach America, they can
assemble what's called a dirty bomb, nuclear bomb, that can
kill 50,000 people at once, a bomb that is possible to put in a
knapsack (cartridge). 
And not only that, there is a great and
frightful war that awaits us, a war that has never been in this
world, very frightening, beyond man's imagination.

Most people already know that, they hear enough on the
radio, see enough movies, in order to have a concept, but
they are unprepared to change in order to stop this.
But I want to talk now with the Jews that believe.
I want to ask them -
untill when ? untill when ? ["AD MATAY?"]
How long will you ignore the truth?
How long wouldn't you do "Teshuva" ? untill when ?
Its difficult to understand, how Am Yisrael dosn't feel and see
the clear messages.

For example, so many Jews pass away L"a, young,
from all kinds of peculiar diseases, not only one type.

How many innocent orphanes need to be until we will understand?
How many widows need to be untill we will understand ?
How many times do we need to hear about another young
woman who died leaving an innocent child, how many times?

So many have allready fallen, why don't we listen?

I would think that after so many tragedies, after so many calamities,
Am Yisrael will become close to Hashem, will do "Teshuva",
would understand that The Creator of the world is talking to
us, he is not happy with us.
He wants us to make a change
to improve the situation, but there is quiet, we continue in
the same way, burying the dead and carrying on, as if nothing

The solution that they have found for the orphaned children,
that they will have no financial problems, by paying money in
advance, to make savings that if the father dies
"Chas-Vehalila", there will be money for the orphans.

Instead of that, we should use our energy to do "TESHUVA",
and remove the "GOYUT" from the orthodox world and it
would cure all of us.

We, the Jews, are very confused, we are full with materialism,
we wish to be Jews and gentiles at once, and therefore we
 trust in the Israeli army ("ZHA'HAL"), yes, even those who
 live abroad rely on the Israeli Army, and the Israeli Army is
 not in the state that can fight and win.
All the wars that we
 won untill today, were only Miracles from the -
You can check every single war and see that in reality
(in fact) we couldn't have won, we only won with Hashem's
National Insurance (Bituach-leumi) - we relied on them
to build families of ten, twelve, eighteen, twenty one
children, "Oy Lanu", "Oy Lanu", (woe unto, woe us).

God gives us the children and the livelihood for the children,
not the social security, and we learned this the hard way,
woe unto us! woe unto us!

(The Bituach-leumi in Israel cut by half and even less the
  monthly support).

We rely on the president of the United States and on the
"holy" Dollar, and all of this falls. It's impossible to depend on
the Uncle, because Uncle-Sam is sometimes nice and smiles,
but sometimes is antisemitic angry and cruel.
We thought that
we finished with Antisemitism, but Antisemitism is only
increasing worldy, the world have no longer any fear of it.
There is strong Antisemitism in Europe, in England and in France.

Am Yisrael, You don't see,
You don't understnd - this is the END,

Very Soon everything will explode and then it will be too late
to do "Teshuva".
No one should be mistaken - Only those
who do "Teshuva Shlema" - will live, and survive the big
troubles that will be, and welcome the Messiah.

All your parties, all your ostentatious houses, all your
immodest clothes, the entertainments in the gentile style,
every attraction you have to the material world - will work
against you.
All this world will vanish, and a world of spiritual
and materialty will remain, but only materialty that serve

There is only one way to save ourself, and this way is not the
Army, not cannons, and not atom bomb - only "Teshuva".

The danger - is not from Iran, Russia, Bin-Laden, or any other
wicked people, the danger is because of our sins.

Understand me well - the great danger comes from whitin us,
and if we will not remove this, and don't slaughter the evil inclination, the gentiles will come against us in their masses,
and it will be very difficult.

Ahmadinejad (Iran president) was born from our sins, and so
to Hitler ym"s, and if we want to defeat him, we have to first
defeat our own evil inclination.
Once more I will tell you
Am Yisrael, enough of dieing on Kiddush Hashem, you should
be living on Kiddush Hashem.

Once more I ask of you, you should cry about all the distance
that there is between us today, between Am Yisrael and
You should cry with tears and be sorry.

Throw away all the unnecessary materialism from our lives,
all the non-Jewish concepts that we let into our heads and houses, all the non-Jewish dress etc...

Let's go out to the roards, masses of Jews, woman separately
and man separately and rend our clothes and sit on the
floor with sackcloth and ashes and weep and bag for
forgiveness from Hashem and confess...blow a thousand
"Shoprot" untill the whole earth will tremble, confess.
Woman should recite the Tehillim (psalms), and beg for forgivness, confess... 
Then we should accept upon ourselves
to repent complete to remove from ourselves and from the
whole land of Israel every speck of idoltary from the gentile
world, and we will return to the Creator with "AM ECHAD",
one heart and then we will receive Messsiach with great

("Amen ken yehi ratzon").

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