Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - The 5th Facilitated Communication With Daniel
 Jerusalem, Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2007

(Translated from Hebrew).

   (I related to Daniel details about the Internet site and
   showed him a printout of its first page. My wife wanted to
   print out its second chapter and I asked him if he consents
   that all those people surfing on the Internet would know
   what doctors write about him.)

   Yes, baruch Hashem, in a little while Mashiach will anyway
   come and people won't ask me if I were once autistic.

   Is there anything on the Internet site that we can add or

   I am extremely pleased, Yes, very much so. I already want
   to get it moving.

   Daddy, I want to tell you that we are really at the end,
   truly at the end, and we need to prepare ourselves.
   How do we prepare ourselves? We do so with tefilla
   (prayer), teshuva (repenting), and coming closer to
   HaKadosh Baruch Hu.  That is the right way.
   The host proposed a question relating to the significance
   of the word "hope."

   Hope is "Emuna" (belief) in Hashem that all that He does is
   for our benefit. If that is not hope what can we call hope?
   What do we hope in? Hope is only in Hashem.
   What He does and what He wants is everything.
   For a Jew who has difficulty praying, but believes in
   Hashem and speaks [to Him] from his heart and observes
   the mitzvot, prays regular prayers but is difficult for him to
   pray more, such a Jew truly believes that the Mashiach is
   on the way and that G-d is omnipotent. This Jew will,
   thank G-d, be victorious. This is the difficult test for us and
   it is the last one. The test involves standing unwavering in
   the midst of total confusion, of an enormous storm, a real
   tsunami and not becoming bewildered, seeing clearly the
   truth and what is the right way to behave, and not caring
   about what is taking place around him. Every thought
   should be about Hashem's way and we must concentrate
   only on that.

   Daniel. What do you think we should add to the Website?

   Yes, yes, yes (you should add to the site) that the world will
   become even more challenging to live in, much more so.
   The world - a great part of it must be destroyed and nothing
   will help to prevent its being destroyed. This is contained in
   prophecies, things that must be. Some prophecies do not
   have to materialize exactly as they are given but some
   prophecies must occur exactly as they are given, and part
   of the world must and will be destroyed and part of it won't
   be destroyed.

   This is terrifying! The world will be in an appalling confused
   and difficult state of affairs. All the many things that we
   relied upon such as the US armed forces, the Social
   Security in the USA, the National Insurance in Israel,
   the IDF, the eternal and mighty dollar, the high euro,
   the strong sterling, modern medicine, hi-tech, applied
   sciences and all the many things that we rely on in the
   modern world instead of on G-d, will all disintegrate and
   will turn into dust. 
   They will vanish from the world as if they never existed.

Father: Does that mean that there won't be any Internet and
   any electricity?
  All the things that we rely on instead of Hashem will
  disappear from the world.  Cellular phones are not the
  problem, and also electricity is not  the problem.
  The problem is that we rely on electricity. I am talking
  mostly about organizations, armies and things like these
  since we rely on them instead of on Hashem.

    Daniel. I understand that this will happen this year.

    It is written that during the Shmita year (seventh year of the
    ma'aser cycle when it is forbidden to work fields in Israel)
    the Mashiach will come.
    At the end of Shmita the Mashiach must arrive.
    I can't tell you which Shmita. He will come when he will
    come, and even if he comes beforehand we will also
    welcome him.

    (I asked him a personal question related to my work
    concerning a the direction of a certain development).

    I am not built to answer such questions.

    Daniel. You have connections, a capability of seeing things
    that we can't see. Can't you request, know, what is the

    Father. Mashiach is almost here. What are you talking
    about?  Father, Father, Who cares?

(Earlier that same day I took Daniel to visit another hostel in
    Jerusalem.   The hostel where he is presently staying
    doesn't seem to suit him).

    Daniel. What hostel suits you?

    I don't know. What difference does it make to me?
    Everything is the same.

    What hostel suits your better?

It is fitting for me to be in the Beit HaMikdash(Holy Temple).
I want to again be the great Neshama (soul) that I really am.
I am disgusted with being clothed as autistic.

The host asked a question related to tefilla.

    Only directing the head, directing one's thoughts is what
    one must do. One must do it oneself. Nothing else will help.

    I want to speak about Avraham Avinu. Avraham Avinu lives
    forever. All his modes of behavior and character traits last
    forever. Just as the whole Jewish Nation is forever.
    All of the modes of behavior and character traits of -
    Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov are forever.

    Hitler was a terribly wicked person.
    He had no chessed (loving-kindness) within him.
    The Jewish Nation's sins created him.
    The Enlightenment Movement ("Tnuat Hahaskala") created
We also created the President of Iran. He is a wicked
    person and not so smart.  The only thing he has is Divine
    Assistance ("Siyata Dishmaya") since he must be the one
    to cause many problems in the world, a great deal of
    problems. This is his mission.
    He is just like Saddam Hussein (the President of Iraq) who
    was a gigantic "peel" (a Cabalistic term meaning spiritual
    contamination) and was the reincarnation of
    Nevuchadnezer and had to depart from this world.
    Also, the President of Iran will carry out his mission in this
Don't be afraid. Don't try to change anything
    forcibly.  You will not succeed. We need patience and trust
    in Hashem.
    We shouldn't do anything except praying to Hashem.

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