Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - Sixth Facilitated Communication
Thursday, January 18, 2007,  Translated from Hebrew.

The Facilitated Communication began with Binyamin Goldin.
You see yourself that an earthquake is taking place in the
Zionist government. Everything is shaking and swaying
exactly as is written in the prophecies of the Bible.
The authority of those not believing in Torah will collapse.
No structure of government or other organization will exist
that establishes law and order.
The Mashiach, the son of David,will then come, and we are
extremely close to his coming. And as we said,
Hashem allows the Zionists - those not believing in the Torah-
to clearly see how their monster is dying away and
It is very important to be aware that the
bedlam that will soon come will cause many Jews to ask
questions of why and how.

Why do we live lives without any content, and how can one
live a life with true content?
All this will actually happen in the near future.
And now it is the time to speak about these matters as much
as possible so that we will grasp that everything is service of
Hashem, everything is service of Hashem.

We must talk more and more, and also speak out what was written by eminent Torah luminaries.
Several prophecies and even what autists say can contribute significantly to making the people stronger.
In addition we can listen to what the autists, those with Down syndrome, the retarded and all types of people with impaired
mental capacity have to say.
We shouldn't forget one thing.
We need to reflect carefully about what is true and what is not, since the Sitra Achra
(lit. Other Side, meaning the evil inclination)
has found a concrete new way to defeat Jews.
The Sitra Achra clings to the truth and tries to twist the truth
to falsity. If we find even one bit of falsity clinging to truth,
we must cut it away with a sharp knife.

Guest: Please give me an example.

Binyamin: For example, some people claim that a woman is permitted to dress up even in a little eye-catching fashion
since this suits the current generation. It is impossible to
demand from them to dress as women dressed two hundred
years ago. This is a lie that appears to cling to the truth.
A woman is obligated to dress modestly.
Yes a Jewish woman must be different from non-Jewish
women. It is true that everyone says, but the (obvious)
question is: How is one truly modest?
Why not dress as people dressed two hundred years ago,
or even before two thousand years ago or even before four
thousand years ago?

For example:
Some want to help others become baalei teshuvah but they themselves drift astray in all directions. Some build religious
institutions with the sole intention of helping the Jewish
Nation but they become accustomed to being directors of
these institutions. They become used to dealing with large
sums of money and eventually they use the money in the
wrong way.

My examples refer only to the Torah-observant since secular Jews don't pretend to be righteous or knowing what the truth
is. Since we have almost reached the end, we must repent all
of our sins.
If we completely devote ourselves to doing
teshuvah and do so with the utmost dedication and assist the Jewish Nation to repent, we will witness sizable miracles,
sizable miracles.

And just like in Egypt, those who clung to the golden calf, to idolatry, which nowadays is materialism, even if he is a Rosh Yeshiva or Rosh Kollel or Rebetzin, if this person loves too
much his honorable status or the money that he receives, and
it is difficult for him to want Mashiach to come since he'll then need to leave all this over, then he won't leave and he won't, chas veshalom, go to greet the Mashiach.

It is not at all simple and actually the matter is quite complex, but one thing I'll tell you.  If you will sincerely do teshuvah
with the utmost devotion, you'll be able to greet the Mashiach.

Guest: The present state of affairs is difficult, people at times, materialism simply swallows them up.
If materialism swallows them up then the war is, chas
veshalom, lost. D
on't forget, HaKadosh Baruch Hu loves the
Jewish Nation, but only twenty percent left Egypt.
Eighty percent were killed since they weren't prepared to
Look at what happened in Europe. How many left
Europe alive? This is because the Jews fled to secular "enlightenment." 
How many left Europe alive?
Hashem loves the Jewish Nation and before what happened
with Hitler people spoke just as they do now.
It's not so terrible, not so terrible
If some don't observe the Shabbat, that's not so terrible
Everyone knows that Jews usually marry other Jews,
so anything else is not so terrible. So what if some don't
observe the Shabbat, so what? That's not so terrible.
But it is terrible!
Most of European Jewry was killed, most of European Jewry
was killed, most of European Jewry was killed (He said the
above three times in the original)

The Inquisition wiped out the majority of Spanish Jewry
 although it was a golden period for them.  The majority died.
Many of those who left Spain died on the way.
In Portugal Jews died and on the way they died.
Jews weren't able to survive in all sorts of places.
They were cast from place to place.
Some survived, but the large majority of Jews didn't succeed
to leave and live.  Why is this?
This is because the materialism and secularism of Spain
attracted them.  Although they observed mitzvot, materialism
and secularism attracted them.  They and transformed their
Judaism into something else. That is what is happening today.
May Hashem guard over us. May He help us truly return to
Him and repent our sins with the utmost devotion, with a
whole heart.  We must run away from materialism and return
to the ways of our fathers and mothers. May Hashem help us
all so that we will merit greeting the Mashiach speedily in our
days, Amen.
Guest: I have a good friend who in the beginning of the week dreamed that the State of Israel is full of wars, planes and helicopters.
He said to them in his dream:
"Do teshuvah! Do teshuvah!"
It was an extremely difficult state of affairs.

What can I tell you-all that you say is true.
There will soon be a dreadful war.
Everyone knows that-the secular, the religious, the Arabs,
all of the Israelis know this. The fact that the government is
confused doesn't help. It gives the Arabs more desire to
harm us.  This is because they feel we are very weak,
and they are right-we are very weak.

Father: I told Binyamin that I mentioned Daniel's website on some other site and received reactions such as:
"For already ten years autists are transmitting messages to us about a world war, about Gog and Magog, etc.
But look around and you'll see that nothing has happened.

Tell those surfers that Yirmiyahu prophesied for eighty years.
He prophesied that there will soon be an extremely difficult period: HaKadosh Baruch Hu will destroy the Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple) and Jerusalem if the Jews will continue in their way against Him.  They didn't listen to him for eighty years.

Let's look at the last ten years.  Look to what extent people
have come closer to pandemonium.  Just take a look at what
condition the world is now in.  Fear from Arabs.
It is obvious that we are now right before the wars between Edom and Yishmael that were related in the biblical
prophecies... Take a look at what is happening to the
government here in Israel, how it is shaking and will soon fall.

I don't understand how a person can say that nothing will happen.  It is simply because people refuse to see the truth.

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