Chapter 18

Chapter 18 - Seventh Facilitated Communication
Thursday, January 30, 2007 - Translated from Hebrew.
I wish to welcome those visiting the website.
I want to remind them all that we have a tremendously
confused and utterly disordered world. Anyone wanting to
arrive at the truth realizes that
our current situation is
exceptionally testing. We are facing head on challenging
from nature, from war, and also from diseases, May Hashem save us from all misfortune.
The whole world is progressively undergoing radical
before its imminent end.
Every Jew and also every non-Jew
must fully repent
his sins.  One ought to accept the Al-mighty
as the Ruler of
the World. Each person must make an effort
to do His will and
His will only.
We, Danni and I, will answer all of your questions,
all that
disturbs and anguishes you.  But we can only answer about
matters relevant to
our mundane world-our present state of
not personal questions.
I bless all those visiting our site that may it be
His will that we
will together merit greeting the

(At this stage the FC shifted to questions and answers)

(Questions that arrived at Daniel's website
 January 29, 2007)
Approximately 100 questions arrived (most in hebrew) and
answers relate to most of the questions.
A large part of the questions touched on matters of marriage,
health and livelihood. For this reason in the beginning of the
I requested from Daniel to relate to these three points
(and to relate to them in two
Many times translating from one language to another
comprehension and consequently these three
points were
addressed in both Hebrew and English
without any need for

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