Chapter 22

Chapter 22 - FC Meeting with B.Golden and Daniel.
Jerusalem, March 6, 2007.

The meeting has 4 subjects:
1. This one.
2. Q&A with Binyamin and Daniel in english (part 4).
3. Message from Binyamin (Hebrew, ch. 22).
4. Q&A with Binyamin and Daniel in english (part 4
    in Hebrew section).

Fools, Fools the world is about to crumble and you are still
partying, getting drunk on your materialism on your
vacation stuffing yourselves in your restaurants.

Partying and partying as if there is no end to life as if there
is no end to the world of materialism , but there is an end
and if you don't wake up very soon you'll find yourself no
where but really no where with no place in the world,
in the universe and beyond.

Here I add the translation of the hebrew part:


Father: What central "message" can we possibly add to our Internet site to attract more people?


Binyamin: Nothing will help. Most people don't even want to visit our site. It doesn't interest them, and if someone happens to visit it, a minute later he'll already log off...

Slowly but surely we will, however, build up a solidified group that does listen, although admittedly they won't be a large group they will be an unwavering and committed one.

I'm sorry to inform you that most people won't leave.


Father: What do you mean that they won't leave?


Binyamin: They won't leave Egypt.


* * *


I can't tell you when, but unusually challenging times are approaching.

Everything will tumble.

First things inside will tumble and then afterward outside.

The Arabs will notice it tumbling outside.

They will also start.

They can perhaps even start before this.

Actually the country has almost tumbled.

They are only continuing the economic steps since that is what is important to everyone.


Father: What do you mean by the economic steps?


Binyamin: They continue with "business as usual" since that is what matters to them.

What mainly concern them are money, their salary, and all their other material matters.

Wars don't matter to them at all.

The country therefore synthetically continues (outwardly) to function-the stock market, the whole economy.

This is because they aren't willing for this whole framework to collapse.


Father: Should someone with money deposited in the bank withdraw it?


Binyamin: I wouldn't exactly say that, but in the not faraway future money won't be worth much.

One should instead invest in teshuvah.


* * *


I don't exactly know what will come to pass after Pesach.

The (whole) world sees that this is really...and one tiny match can set off everything.

But there are secrets that are also taking place.

We only see what is happening on the surface, what is readily seen and sensed, but what is hidden underneath we don't see at all.

What is happening on the surface is of immeasurably less significance than what is happening underneath the surface.


* * *


Father: I remember that facilitated communications with autists began about ten years ago.

At a certain stage it stopped.

Why was it lately renewed?


Binyamin: At every stage we had another mission.

Each time that the world changed, we too changed our approach.

At that time we needed a respite to analyze how the world will look in the future.

Now we again received "work" to guide the Jewish People because no time is left.

It is almost the end.




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