Chapter 23

The 10th FC Meeting with B.Golden and Daniel.
Jerusalem, Apr 11, 2007.

(translated from hebrew)

Father: In the ninth facilitated communication Binyamin told us: At every stage we had another mission.

Each time that the world changed, we too changed our approach.

At that time we needed a respite to analyze what the world will look like in the future.

Now we again received "work" to guide the Jewish People because no time is left.

It is almost the end.


To whom did Binyamin intend when he said "we had another mission"?

Who is the "we?"


Daniel: Some autists have been chosen.

Not only are autists have been chosen but also other people suffering from different types of communication problems have been chosen.

This group includes those suffering intellectual and physical incapability, and disabled people, etc.

It is our duty to help the Jewish People, but this doesn't include them (autists) all.

Perhaps they all have the capability to write through facilitated communications but not to all of them has Heaven handed over messages.

Some are only capable of transferring messages that are incompatible with the truth, those emanating from the Sitra Achra (evil spiritual powers).

We are not prophets; we only transfer messages.

There were also prophets who were not real prophets but false ones.


Father: Who gives you "work?"

Daniel: We received "work" from Heaven to transfer messages and warnings to both the Jewish People and to the world in general.

We let them know that soon the End and the Complete Redemption will come.

Someone unprepared for the truth cannot accept the truth.

...How unfortunate will be those who don't accept the truth..."


On the basis of how the world will appear after the Redemption, Hashem builds our future.

That future will be a blended and exact integration between the physical and spiritual.


Father: That will happen within ten years?


Daniel: Father, do you really think that I know the answer?


(I continued asking Daniel a number of "personal" questions that interested me...)


Daniel: Ask a Rav.


* * *


I am not a source for so many answers.

This is something only Hashem knows.

We have set things to say and transfer to others so people will be awakened and prepared.

One can find all of our answers in the Jewish holy books.

But it is positively unfortunate that only few people have access to these holy books in order to understand what to do.

Furthermore even more prominent people need to be awakened to realize that our messages come-that they really come-from a higher place-a more direct place.

Our generations' being severed from the truth causes even prominent people to be sometimes confused.

This is because the whole society has become mixed up and has distanced itself from truth.

Even those sitting near the Gemaros sometimes become confused because of the confusion within general society and even within our homes.

For this reason we have received the mission to let the truth be known and help straighten out the confused.


(I requested from Daniel to clarify what is Olam Haba [the World to Come] Gan Eden [the Garden of Eden] and Techiyas HaMeisim [Resurrection of the Dead])


Daniel: That is something that develops and changes. The Creation has not finished; it is continuing.

Hashem builds until complete perfection.


(I requested from Daniel to provide me with a special message for the Internet site)


Daniel: You want me to tell you when the explosion will take place but that I cannot tell you.

I am unable to do so.

For this reason we need prophecies that are the basis of all we are saying.


(I added to the Internet site certain appendixes.

Appendix #1 includes the prophecies about the establishment of the State)

* * *

Deeper than what we are doing.

Father, I don't understand you since this is extremely deep and therefore people are attracted to this...

Accordingly we wanted this published in a book so it can reach many more people.

That book will circulate from one hand to the other since many people don't surf the Internet and the questions are important to everyone.

Both the articles and the questions are the basis of a normal Jew.


At this stage the FC continiue with Questions and Answers (Chapter 5).

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