Chapter 29

Chapter 29 - We must not let go of the rope

FC with Binyamin Golden, 31.May.2007

Listen very carefully. In the very near future things will begin to unfold in a most frightening way. The parade of the filthy ones is really the last stage of the dirt and contamination that the Zionists brought to the Holy Land and the greatest shame to the holiness.

Last year it led to a war (the second Lebanon War).

While they were throwing rockets at us, thousands of rockets and yet, miracle of miracles, it was miraculous that so few Jews were wounded and killed. It was also by miracle that there was no damage to the economy, wonder of wonders.

Hashem guided us into that war (it was a sign for us that we must fight the impurity), in other words, we, too should have fought, and yet they expected us to fight against it on our own (to fight the impurity). Why?

Because that filth is also amongst the rest of us, in some form or another. We should have fought it (the impurity) all the way, but we stopped right in the middle of the most difficult part of the war; we ended the war with the usually unreliable promises of the Zionists and here, once again we are facing another threat of the same war.

Once again the filthy ones are threatening to parade through Jerusalem, the Holy City, the home of the Divine Presence who has been crying for thousands of years over the people of Israel.

How do they dare come to Jerusalem, with all their nerve - it is like spitting on the holiness.

If we don't fight now, there will not be another opportunity. It is hard to believe that anyone still has the strength or the will left to fight. If they do not have the strength to fight, they should find the strength to pray, and if they pray, they must do authentic Teshuva - repentance. They must fix within themselves everything that is lacking and corrupt and their habits that are too identical with those of the Gentiles.

The first change they must make relates to modesty. Lack of modesty leads to many sins and this is not a simple matter.
The second thing he must work on is the matter of 'How one acts to another' (
בין אדם לחברו).
The third thing is to detach ourselves from excessive materialism.
The fourth thing is prayer, prayer with a broken heart.

I am announcing again that thousands of men should go out in the streets, sit on the floor with sacks and ashes, say 'Slichot' (prayers of Atonement from the Siddur), and make the decision to do real repentance and ask Hashem to forgive our many sins, each of us as individuals and the people of Israel as a whole. We must then return to our homes and clean them out from impure things and impure thoughts. We must close ourselves into a [spiritual] ghetto and not let the [effects of the] outside world enter and destroy it.

This is the only way to save ourselves and our children. If we don't do this as a nation or as a group, and you want to save yourselves, do it as an individual within your family.

Don't forget that throughout the history of the world, the truth was always with the minority and never with the majority. Also now, the minority and not the majority will merit greeting Moshiach.

Choose for yourselves which group you will join.

When some women who deal with matters that help the Jewish people asked, "Where will we be?"

Binyamin answered: "If this group was not in the path of truth, I would not be speaking with you.

Question: Why are we feeling tired?

Binyamin: The whole world, all of nature, is changing. We see this and it is putting a lot of stress on the people. That is why it is hard to get up and function. A lot of people feel excessively tired, they feel enclosed as though they were inside of a bubble, they feel that there is a lack of concern. We must take hold of ourselves and do as much as we can for the sake of holiness: We must accept upon ourselves to work on external modesty, our internal-selves, Torah and following its commandments and doing good deeds. Don't forget what it says, that before the Moshiach comes, Hashem will hold a rope and shake it hard, and we must do what ever we can not to let go of the rope.

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