Chapter 30

Chapter 30 - Before a great tragedy
Jerusalem, Jun, 09, 2007

We are facing now a great tragedy, and it will come, unfortunately, because we have crossed all the limits and there is no other choice. Only a miracle can save the entire Jewish nation. Everyone wants to know what the future holds for us, and how we can receive Moshiach, despite our actions and we have already written a lot about this. Not only have we written about all this, many great, righteous men, Tzaddikim, the greatest of the generations have all written about everything [that is happening and that will happen], as did the holy prophets.

So, what does the future hold for us?

Essentially, it will be like the exile from Egypt, but yet, different and harsher. If so many Jews, back then were not worthy of exile, we, in our time are on a much lower level than they were. What's scary is that nowadays, the Jews who are considered to be 'Kosher Jews', believers and mitzvah-doers do not realize that they are really grave sinners. In addition to all this trouble, they are often fully backed by the various big Rabbis. And this is really confusing for the people.

This is why there is almost no way to naturally influence the people and get them to repent.  Everyone is too busy patting each other on the back, telling each other "Oh, what great kindness we do for others, how we guard our tongues, do mitzvos and good deeds, how we pray, how we learn... what a great generation."

 But this is all so far from the truth.

Hashem is giving us the most difficult times in order to wake us up from our deep sleep but we don't want to wake up and see the truth. It's just like the Jews in Europe who refused to see the truth and paid for it in the most horrible ways, may we never know of such things. Hashem warned them also before it happened.

Question: How did Hashem warn them?

Binyamin's answer: All sorts of things happened through which people could have realized that they were not doing the right things. And then there were really great Tzaddikim in that generation who clearly told them that what they were doing was wrong and that if they did not change their ways they would pay dearly for their actions. Indeed, that is what happened...

Today's situation is that Hashem barely speaks through the Gedolim, the great Rabbis; he speaks to us through the righteous Rabbis of the past, and also through all kinds of unnatural disasters such as difficult peculiar illnesses, general problems in the home - shlom bayit, Jewish girls and women who have no sensitivity to modesty, problems in many different aspects, that are difficult to explain, and everyone is walking around with fear in their hearts. Yet it is hard for the people to stay away from the stupidity and foolishness that has ensnared the Jewish mind.

Woe to us, now that we are facing the end. What do we have to show for now? So many Jews have forgotten what it is to be humble, to act modestly and to dress modestly. There are Jews whose entire lives evolve around money, [materialistic] things, and vacations. Every day Jews are eating treif (non-Kosher) because the level of Kashrus is the lowest - it's all about money and not the faith. I don't need to explain further; it is common knowledge that there are constant disputes between the greater Rabbis and the less great, etc.

This is a generation of people that do not understand when they are dressed and when they are naked.

This is why I am warning you, dear Jews. I have nothing to say to the secularists; but to the religious people, who are supposed to be the closest [to Hashem], if you don't leave the lies, the lies themselves will kill you. How? When Moshiach comes, you will not recognize him. You will be seeing truth while you are within the lies, and the lies are an illusion (imagination). The truth is the reality. The lie has no shape or form, it has no volume, and it will disappear as though it had never been there in the first place. The truth is eternal.

Therefore, indeed, we are approaching the most difficult times including wars and all sorts of unbelievable situations.

But those who truly trust Hashem, who make efforts to follow His way, even if they are not always 100% successful, they will be protected and will come out of all this safe and well, G-d Willing.

If the Jewish people would all become true believers by going out into the streets with sacks and ashes, repenting, weeping and saying the prayers of atonement, etc and then return to clean out their homes and neighborhoods, only then would it be possible for Moshiach to come with ease. But right now, I do not see this as a possibility

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