Chapter 33 & 34

Chapter 33 & 34

Q&A with Binyamin & Daniel (& Shmuel)

Avi July.03.2007

Shimon speaks so harshly, he speaks about doom and shouts that the end is near, etc. he is not gentle like Binyamin and Daniel. Why do you advertise his sessions? He will bring upon a lack of faith and his words are untrue...

Daniel: In our day and age, the Rabbis speak 'gently' with the people and no one is paying any attention. People are going deeper and deeper into their dreams, into their deep sleep and sometimes you need a whip to wake them up and make them realize that they are in danger - eternal danger.

 Abba: So what Shimon is saying is correct?

Daniel: It is very appropriate, yes.

Noah July.02.2007

Lately there have been a lot of arguments among the great Rabbis here in Israel. What are we, the little people supposed to do in such a situation?

Daniel: It is symbolic of our generation. It's called: "The face of the generation is like the face of a dog." People should not pay any attention to it and should just focus on coming closer to Hashem. Certainly don't get involved.

Yael from Yavneh June.25.07

We have a special-needs child. We took her several times to an FC communicator to try and understand her needs better. Should we continue trying to communicate this way with her? Does she perhaps have messages for Am Yisrael? Thank you.

Binyamin: You should keep trying to communicate with her because it will give her a better feeling. Don't try to get messages from her because not all of us (special-needs people) have this purpose.

Yair from Tel Aviv June.19.07

I have a very serious question for Daniel. I am a 13 year old boy, completely secular from a secular family. From time to time, though, when things get rough I pray to Hashem. I don't know if that is considered doing teshuva and I would really like to know if I should repent or not and if so, why? Please don't tell me things like "go search for the truth" and stuff like that. Thanks.

Shmuel: I have a question for Yair: Do you think you should live or die? If you choose to live, then you had better go do teshuva.

Liron from the North June.21.07

My name is Liron, I am 18 and I accidentally came upon this website. I am secular today and I just want to say that this website really made me feel different. Things were said here that I feel are so true, they entered my heart in a way that I never thought could have such an effect on me. I want to do teshuva and want to know if there is a way you could guide me on how. I realize that it means having to give3up on a lot of things on my part and I have given this some thought for a while now.  This website opened my eyes completely and I thank you for that. I will start by keeping Shabbat and would appreciate any advice you have on the matter. Thank you.

Binyamin: Liron, I bless you that you should have much success in this. I bless you and your family that you should all come close to Hashem and that together with all of Am Yisrael we should receive Moshiach Tzidkenu (our righteous Moshiach).

(Abba: A lot of people have asked me such questions so I am writing down here addresses of websites I was recommended for people who want to start doing teshuva)

1. Arachim: phone: (972) 03 5793035 

02 5000220

2. Shofar -

3. English site: Aish Hatorah:

4. English Breslov sites:


5. English Chabbad:

6. True Simcha:

Eli July 25/2007

The 'three weeks' have passed and Tisha B'Av has passed. Out of all your predictions, B"H, nothing has come true! Where is your shame? You scared me good and proper; I prepared my family, bought food for a war and we just made fools of ourselves! You should be ashamed but you remain silent...

Daniel: For your knowledge, people in the North (of Israel) are already very worried and have begun storing food and not because the Autistic people said to do so.

They have stopped depending on the Israeli Army for help since the Home Front Command stopped telling them how to prepare and are not even telling them that they have to prepare anything but they are there, on the border, shaking with fear. The entire army is trembling and everyone knows that the army is not properly prepared (for an upcoming war). Everyone knows.

Haven't you noticed the strange weather throughout the world during the time of the three weeks? In England, in Hungary, in Italy and in Greece?

In China two BILLION, not million, billion mice are eating up the fields... you think 2 billion is normal?!

That is what has happened during the 'three weeks'. It is not a simple matter at all...

In Oxford people are getting around in boats because England had rain the likes of which it had never seen until today. SO what do you want? Soon you will be very hot.

(More people wrote such letters to the site complaining that nothing has happened and that the autistic people are scaring people for nothing and that Hashem will always have mercy, etc.)

Daniel: Yes, Hashem will indeed have mercy; He has been showing His mercy for seventy years since WWII.

And why did the holocaust take place? Because He had mercy and patience for over two-hundred years.

The Haskalah movement caused so many Jews to turn away form Hashem and religion that there were almost no Torah -observant Jews left, just a few important yeshiva communities, important, but relatively small.

And now look at us! We are in the lowest place - modesty has dropped to nil. If you go to the Kosel at night time you will see women there, shamelessly wearing almost nothing! Men and women dance and sing there together without shame!

Walk around the streets and look how men and women are dressed, without a hint of shame!

And I believe that just like throughout history;

With the first Temple, Hashem waited for hundreds of years for the Jews to repent before He destroyed the Temple.

With the second Temple - He waited for seventy years, with mercy and patience until the Temple was finally destroyed.

With the Spanish Inquisition, He waited many long years before finally expelling the Jews out of Spain. 

Likewise, He waited and waited for the Jews in Poland, in Germany and other countries to repent before a lot of Jews died to sanctify Hashem's name.

He then waited and waited and continues to wait for us now - but we are not listening!

SO what do you think, He's going to just give you a lollipop, pat you on the head and tell you to go continue ruining the future of Am Yisrael?! Continue this way so that the next generation of Jews will not even look Jewish anymore?!

Woe to you and woe to Am Yisrael! Woe to you and woe to Am Yisrael!

I'll tell you another thing; a lot of things occurred during the Nine Days and you will see that a lot of troubles that will take place in the future will be based upon these occurrences.

Open your eyes. Instead of talking, open your eyes and look well:

You think there will not be a war here?

Ask the Secularists, ask those who serve in the army and in the Reserves, ask those who live in the North and are storing food and water now, do they think there is going to be a war? And they don't even speak to us autistic people.

They speak to soldiers in the army. They speak and see for themselves what is happening at the border. They know exactly what is going on whether they hear it on the radio or not.

You, instead of writing your letters, go do teshuva.

Don't think about what I am telling you; look at what is happening around the world.

Look - obviously you have the internet - read what is happening on the news.

If, all within one week, there were three cases of problems involving radio-active material; in Japan there was an earth quake and water combined with radio-active material leaked into the sea, in Russia there was a train accident that caused loads of radio-active material to leak out into a most dangerous area, in England, the floods caused great danger to one of the mines there, then excuse me, but don't you think this is all a bit strange?

Why don't you think about all these things?

It's all warnings and as everyone knows (it's written in the sefarim - the sacred books of our Sages), when things happen throughout the world, it is all for the sake of Am Yisrael. It is for the purpose of warning the Jewish people to repent.

The president of Iran visited the president of Syria and Mishal came too and they were not there to discuss a birthday party for the Syrian president; they were discussing much harsher things and Achmadinejad, even if you think he is just a crazy man, you should know that he is a very dangerous man and has lots of dangerous 'toys' aimed right at us (Israel).

And another thing happened, one of the worst things that has ever happened; the Vatican has reinstated to their prayers a Latin prayer that was taken out 100 years ago; a prayer that says that the Jewish people must convert to Christianity or else be killed.

A lot of things are happening throughout the world; anti-Semitism is spreading form country to country and growing stronger by the minute.

And people say that nothing is going on?!

(Earlier in the session, before Daniel's father even began reading the letters, some of which were like this one above - very critical, Daniel seemed to have read his father's mind and immediately said:)

Daniel: I don't need to hear the critical letters. I just want to tell these people:

You also have mental problems, not just me. You are ignorant... I think you also need special education.

The 'three weeks' have always been dangerous and this year they are even more dangerous.

You talk as if you were expecting a circus. But what you are in for is massive destruction, the likes of which no one has ever seen!

There were people like you before WWII who just sat peacefully at home and said, "Nothing's going on."

While Hitler was signing agreements, people said, "Nothing is really going to happen."

My father has a list of things that happened recently, during the 'three weeks'.

It is all the foundation for what is about to occur throughout the world.

Just look at what Nasrallah said on the ninth of Av; he has rockets that can reach any place in Israel. If you think he's kidding then you really don't understand anything.

Russia is sending loads of the most advanced weaponry to Syria.

Iran is shipping weapons to Syria and Lebanon.

Iran is also sending weapons, tons of weapons to Azah...

So what do you think everyone is going to do with these weapons - have a birthday part?!

England and Russia are fighting with each other; Russia sent combat planes to fly over England and give them a good scare and then England returned the 'gesture'.

What do you think would happen if a war would break out between the two countries?!

Bush just sent another air craft carrier over to the Gulf. What do you think he did that for - to play children's games?

Look and you will see for yourselves that the whole world is getting ready for an upcoming war.

It's all going to explode; wait, wait a little longer and you will get more than you expected.

But you're fools; you think you can just sit on a chair and watch the show from a distance? Well, I've got news for you:

Hashem is only prepared to suffer so much - people sitting and waiting for a show to start but not thinking of doing teshuva.

Hakadosh Boruch Hu (G-d) wants to save us but we don't want to be saved; we prefer gashmius (materialism), we want it all.

And these Jews that are just waiting around for the war to take place but are not repenting - they will have no protection.

Only repentance will save us. Only Teshuva!

And what is teshuva?

It is certainly not an easy thing; it is very hard. It is returning to Hashem all the way; by the way we dress, the way we behave, by doing mitzvos and completely fulfilling the will of Hashem.

This means that we should not do things a little bit this way and a little bit that way and we should not occupy ourselves with anything that has no relevance to Hashem and His Torah.

We must not let ourselves become non-Jews dressed as Jews or Jews dressed up as non-Jews. We must be Jews all the way through, 100%, without any irrelevant additions, woe to us.

Ruth from Tel Aviv July 20.07

I've suffered from Epilepsy from the age of 7. Today I am 49 and was wondering why did I get this burden? It causes a lot of social stress for me... thank you and Shabbat shalom.

Daniel: Every trouble that befalls a Jew is a rectification for something they did in a past life. You must go through this specific suffering because the element that caused this suffering was created in a previous life. All our troubles in life are connected to things we did in our past life / lives and we just have to show Hashem that we endure the suffering gladly and are living the life He wants us to live, even if it is difficult and we are suffering.

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