Chapter 35

Chapter 35 - Attachment to materialism = death

FC with Daniel  Aug.7.2007

I want to tell you all that a lot is happening all around us and people don't really want to take notice of what's going on. First of all, four young people were killed today, out of which three were Yeshiva students and one a married Yeshiva man. And how did they die? They were on a trip driving a Jeep. Yeshiva boys and a Yeshiva man out on a Jeep ride.

I ask you, what are Torah-learning men doing on a jeep-ride? What were they doing wasting their time on dangerous adventures? This is the behavior of non-Jews and people don't realize this. Again, they don't understand this.

I ask the families, the parents of these Yeshiva boys, is taking a trip on a Jeep appropriate for Torah-learning students? It's a good Yeshiva. Woe unto us, Woe unto us. (Oy lanu, Oy lanu).

And not just this, all those people who went on trips when it was so hot outside in the difficult weather - for what? For what? It is against the Torah for a person to risk his life in vain. You want to see the wonders of the Creator? Of course you should. But don't go crazy. Don't do the things the gentile people do. And don't do things that are dangerous.

Guest:  Daniel, the four Yeshiva students were from Netanya. Why was it four people from the same place - Netanya?

Daniel: I can't answer that. But all of Am Yisrael must pay for this, because so many of us want it - the materialism and the non-Jewish lifestyle, the fast-life and the nonsense.

Another thing. A lot of things have been happening throughout the world, but before we get to that, there have been a lot of accidents. I would like to remind the Jews that lately there have been a lot of accidents and all sorts of unnatural deaths, specifically among the Ultra-Orthodox Jews. 

I want to tell you all a (real) story that Rabbi Azriel Tauber, Shlita, told about a young Yeshiva student who found out, at the age of 20, that he was adopted and his biological parents were non-Jews. The young man went to his Rosh Yeshiva to ask him what he should do. The Rosh Yeshiva advised him to convert to Judaism. The young man replied that he wants to think about it and after a while, he decided that he did not want to convert.
Why did he make such a choice? With all of the 613 commandments and Halachot, he decided that the seven Mitzvos of Bnei Noach were enough for him to observe.

The Rosh Yeshiva was shocked that such a good student who used to be an enthusiastic learner would make such a decision. After all the Torah he had learned? He decided to do some research in his yeshiva. This is how he presented his question to his students: "If you were to suddenly discover that you are not Jewish, what would you do?"

Eighty percent of the students answered that they would leave Judaism and go live as Non-Jews!
Rabbi Tauber cried bitterly over this and it really is appalling.
He told this story to an audience of 5,000 women and added that he wasn't so sure that they (the women) would not have also come to the same decision.

Abba: When did this happen? (I couldn't believe what I was hearing!))
Daniel: During the nine days (last month).
Our first reaction would be to say, "That's not true. How could such a thing happen?" But truthfully, the way we are tied to materialism, the way we allow ourselves to go Jeep-riding and do things the Non-Jews do... we should definitely believe such a thing happened.

I just want to remind you, that in Egypt not one Jew changed their name, their language, or the way they dressed (in other words, they kept their Jewish names, spoke Hebrew and dressed like Jews and not like Egyptians). Nevertheless, eighty percent, if not more, were not worthy of redemption.

They were so attached to the Egyptian culture and idolatries that they were left to die there, in Egypt. I just pray that that will not happen again now.

Anyone can see clearly that the world is preparing for war and not just for war in Israel - for a much greater war. It is clear that Russia, the dangerous bear has reared its big head and now wants to swallow the whole world.

You can see the connection between the radical Muslims that are hoping to rule over all the Arab countries as well as Europe.
We see America's neighbor, Mexico, how dangerous it is over there that you can't even go there for a vacation. That is definitely a perfect place for radical Moslems to establish their base - right on the border of the U.S. itself... and the Americans are terrified of that.

There are countries like Venezuela that hate America and are great allies with Iran. That is a very dangerous situation because of all the fuel they have.

America is suffering from internal depression - both economically and spiritually since the morality is almost non-existent. Everyone there is so caught up with the materialism; they don't care about anything else. And when materialism goes beyond limits it leads to depression.

The whole of Europe is in great danger now since the Arab population throughout its various countries is very large and very dangerous. And to top it all there are crazy people serving as prime ministers in some of these countries! Woe to us...

We all have our heads buried in the ground. Not only the Syrians border with Israel - Russia is also close to the border.  This means that not only the Iranians and Iraqis are sailing the sea at Iran's border, the Americans and the Russians are also very close. So what do you expect?!
The Russian Government is behaving the same way they did before communism fell. I think the Russian Jews should get out of Russia as soon as possible while they still have that option.

There are signs that are telling us that the world is on the verge of collapse and I'm not just referring to the strange weather or the constant natural disasters increasing abnormally throughout the world.

Jews, Jews, open your eyes, we don't have time. Jews, Jews, there is great danger! You must repent and return to the truth, to the Creator of the World. Return to our Father in Heaven!

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