Chapter 36

Chapter 36a


[Parts of] FC with Menachem


In a house in Me'a She'arim (in Jerusalem), lives a family that fosters a few autistics boys. Every Motzei Shabbos a number of Tzaddikot (righteous women) meet there and recite Tehillim (Psalms) and afterwards proceed to the Kosel the Western Wall.

About a year ago, Daniel resided there for two weeks and that's when I first met this family.

Lately, every Motzei Shabbos, FC is held there and even though some of the things said below are meant for these righteous women, I thought it appropriate to add them on to our website, Dani18. It's possible that people will not be able to understand and elate to everything the autistic people said.


The Redemption is very near but the amount of time there is between now and until the Moshiach comes is very little by the clock but very much by the suffering.

And all those who do not understand and do not want to understand, will be punished and will cease to exist. Because there is no such a thing today as a person who does not understand - everyone has the option of understanding because it is obvious to every Jew who stood at Mount Sinai that -

One cannot walk around 'naked' (immodest) in the street

And one cannot go 'naked' to the synagogue

and one cannot go 'naked' to the Western Wall and other holy places.

Whoever does not understand such a simple, basic thing,

was not present at Mount Sinai [when the Jews received the Torah].

Whoever does not understand that a Jew needs to be holy, was not present at Mount Sinai.

Whoever is prepared to do gilui arayos (litterally: incest), even if outwardly, he appears to be G-d fearing, he was not present at Mount Sinai; he did not receive the Torah with the other Jews at Mount Sinai.

For, all the Jews that were present at Mount Sinai know what is allowed and what is forbidden and they accepted upon themselves to follow the Torah. And if one of us does not remember this and drifts apart and crosses the limits of what is forbidden, he will be lost.

Q. And what about those who are 'in between'?

A. Jews that are somewhere in the middle, between righteous and evil, if they don't repent they will be lost.

This doesn't mean that people must be perfect. It means that they must realize that they are not perfect and that they still have a long way to go. They have a long way to go till perfection and they must now start taking the steps necessary to reach this goal.

'Slowly' is not good enough anymore. People must now go as fast as they possibly can. They must realize that every moment they wait is dangerous for them because all of a sudden the Redemption will come and they'll still be taking their time, enjoying the view...

Now, everyone must quickly start doing teshuva and rectify whatever they feel needs to be rectified, whatever is wrong and not according to the way of Hashem.

And now, there is no time left. There is simply no time...

...The air in this world is full of impurity; just breathing it in already fills a person with impurity.

And I will tell you all another thing; whatever happens, a time will come when in any case it will be much safer to remain at home. Moreover, until Moshiach comes there will be a situation of great fear, of war, destruction and death and the people who remain in their homes will have better chances of survival.

Now, the people who leave their homes less often and are making an effort to come closer to Hashem and also keep their children more at home; these people will certainly merit receiving the Moshiach.

And all those who took upon themselves the act of modesty, it is a good start and it is the sign we spoke about; the sign that will save you and your homes when the angel of death passes over the houses.

These modest clothes will be the most elegant clothes worn in Beis Hamikdash.

Listen very carefully,

At Mount Sinai, when the Jews received the Torah, Hashem held the mountain above the heads of the Jews and they did not have much choice. But now the people will be given a choice.

Hashem is going to make things happen that will be by far more terrifying than a mountain being held above the people's heads.

But the Jews and the whole world have sunk to such a low level, that it will still not be terrifying enough and most of the people will prefer the materialism, the gashmius, lo aleinu (G-d Forbid).

They will expect a savior to come such as the American army, the British, the Russians or whoever. Maybe they'll think this is all just a movie and at some stage it will end.

But they won't understand what's really happening; they won't pray and repent.

Edom is going to be completely destroyed. Just imagine what terrible fear that will bring to the world.

Whole countries will be destroyed and not necessarily by atomic bombs.

We are going to see incredible things soon, tremendous miracles, but very few people will understand what is happening and feel frightened enough to want to repent.

Most people have grown so far from Hashem that they don't even know what repentance is. They don't know to whom they are supposed to return and how. Because of this, the situation we face is going to be very difficult and frightening.

(Summary - said to the women of the Tehillim groups that were present at the sessions)

You should be temimos (- innocent - pure & simple in following Hashem), raise your children to have temimus - purity and simplicity, and try to fulfill the Will of Hashem.

Those of you who are really making efforts, continue and work very hard, come together and unite.

Stop talking about one another; take away all the dividers that come between you and Hashem that Hashem hates so much.

Become a true example for others; not just in modesty, but also in matters of 'bein adam lechavero' - the commandments related to the way people act with others.

Hashem will save you and protect you and not let you suffer from everything that will happen. But you must preserve the modesty, the innocence and the friendliness with each other.



Chapter 36 b

FC with Ahrah'leh:


I want to tell all of you who have accepted upon yourselves whatever mitzvahs or spiritual advancements (like in modesty) for the sake of Heaven you have taken (the women present dress the way women dressed in the 18th century, i.e. shawls, wide long skirts, etc.):

To the women who are trying to advance in modesty, I give you a blessing that it should be authentic and that you should only continue to grow higher and higher in the levels of modesty. But don't forget about Am Yisrael (the Jewish people), because Am Yisrael needs help. And it cannot be that you advance higher and higher and just forget about the people and leave them behind.

Every woman who accepts upon herself the act of advancing in modesty must also take the time to help others advance.

You must turn to the people. Each woman must go and look for the chance to help another woman in some way or another.

We must not close ourselves off.


Chapter 36c

FC with Shimon July.28.2007

Read about the history of the first and second Temples. It's just like now except that we are on a much lower level, spiritually, than the Jews were back then. And our level is not only lower than that of the Jews during the times of the Temples; we are even lower than the Jews were in Egypt. And look how many exiled from there in the end: one out of five, or one out of fifty or one out of five hundred (Mechilta, Parshas Shlach). Very few Jews got out of Egypt.

So, if we are on an even lower level, what does that tell you? And we, too, will see great miracles. But will we realize that they are indeed miracles? That is the real question, unfortunately.

Therefore, I will emphasize what Ahrah'leh said: we must try to save as many Jews as possible. I'm not saying we will be successful but we have to at least try.

I want you all to really think about the history of the Jews during the times of the Temples. It is very similar to the situation today. For eighty years the prophets spoke and reasoned with the Jews until the destruction of the temple and no one listened. Most of the Jews did not listen. And there were Nevi'ei Sheker, deceitful 'prophets' who said, "See? Nothing happened."

But things did happen. There were constant ups and downs in the security situation, just like today; things get better, there is quiet for the Jews. Then there is danger until things get quiet again. This is how it went on until the final explosion. Back then the explosion was the destruction of the Temple.

When the 'explosion' happens in our time people will say, "We didn't know...But it's all a lie, it cannot be"...

That's just what happened back then; the prophets spoke and spoke, day and night. Every day they spoke and no one wanted to listen.

Even now Hashem is speaking to us and not just through the Autistic people; He gives us signs through all sorts of disasters and tragedies from every direction. Personal disasters, lo aleinu (May we never know of such things) as well as natural disasters. And just in general, strange things are happening everywhere like all sorts of wars. He warns us and warns us. He even sent us warnings through films about all kinds of 'end-of-the-world' type stories that have become so popular nowadays.

It is impossible not to hear about this. Anyone who is not religious, or even the Ultra-Orthodox people who have drifted from the right path can sit in front of their screens and seek out the prophecies of the tzaddikim.

If one does not do this then he alone is to blame for what happens to him.



Chapter 36d


(To the women) You spoke about love of the Jewish people and love of Hashem. In this generation, where so many Jews have gone away from the path of religion, including some so called Chareidim - Ultra-Orthodox Jews (they appear outwardly to be religious but they are really not doing the will of Hashem), ahavas Yisrael - love for the Jewish people is most important. And how can it be expressed in such a generation? It can by expressed through the efforts we make to help other Jews repent and do teshuva as much as possible even amongst the so called 'chareidim' as well as the rest of the Jewish people who are not observing the laws of the Torah.

How successful you are is not what matters. Even if you succeeded in helping only one Jew to repent, that is a whole world. But if with all your efforts, not even one Jew repents, at least you will have saved yourself. Why? Because you are trying with all your might to save Am Yisrael. Why are you trying so hard? Because you love the Jewish people.

It doesn't matter how much people try to get away from you and to ignore your words, how many shout at you or how embarrassed people make you feel. All that matters is that you must try to save Am Yisrael.

It's like a lake; the people in the lake are drowning and crying out for help. There even people who are not crying out; they don't even realize that they are drowning but we still have to save them, or at least try to save them.

How could we live with ourselves if we saw people who were in danger, a very great danger, an eternal danger, G-d Forbid, and we did not try to pull them out of the water? We don't have to go into the water with them, but we do have to quickly find a stick, a life-saver or something to pull them out. That is our duty.

This week, three major tragedies occurred and each one had signification:

First, there were the big scandals in the Israeli courts - the justice system is starting to fall apart. The whole court system is symbolic of the lies - it makes the Jewish people turn cold and heartless and turn away from Hashem.

The second tragedy was the fall of the housing company, Cheftsibah that went bankrupt leaving many families without homes they prepaid for. This tragedy symbolizes the corruption of the Ultra-Orthodox business dealers and in general the corrupted attitude so many Yeshiva men have adapted today; they are too attached to the gashmius - materialism.

The third tragedy was the fall of the bridge in Minnesota into the Mississippi river. There has never been such a thing in the history of the United States. Fifty cars fell into the river which is symbolic of the falling and the failure of all the nations of the world.

If you (to the women present) think that by the modest way your dressing, you can prevent the war, this is not so. The war must take place. But that is the protection.

For it is written clearly in the prophecies that Edom must be completely destroyed and in general, most of the world will suffer in some way and be damaged by this upcoming, difficult war.

That's why Israel will be protected. But women must wear shawls (The women present at this session wear shawls like the women in Me'a Shearim do now, to dress the way women used to dress before this last century) and work hard on everything relating to modesty.

And in general, you should try to get others to repent so that the Jewish people will survive this war.

I want to tell you all that very soon, people will be so afraid that they will be searching for anything they can use to cover themselves with for protection.



Chapter 36e

FC with Menachem Aug.04.2007


Shimon is too gentle, he is very sweet.

But let me point out another side to this issue:

Yes, yes, of course there must be a war, there is no question! And of course you have to work hard to repent and help others repent. That is your whole service of Hashem now. Do you think you got shawls to wear over your heads for nothing? And a shawl to wear over your shoulders for nothing?

It is a merit for you that you get to be the first women who do this.

And your duty is to get as many people as possible to repent.

This is going to be a most difficult war and every Jew that does real teshuva; his kedusha (holiness) will protect him and his family.

When the angel of death goes over the houses we will see where the holiness will come from. And that will protect and save the Jews.

And so, this is now the time of the Redemption.

It is now the beginning of the final stage of the Redemption. Next week won't be an easy week. It won't be an easy week at all.

It's another phase; another phase to the collapsing of the sheker, the deceptions of this world. 

That is all; I have nothing more to say.


Chapter 36f

FC with Menachem Aug.11.2007

Each person has their own unique rectifications that they must go through and do.

It's difficult to go pray at the Western Wall but it's important that you (to the women) be seen. It's important for you to cry with the Shechina, the Divine Presence.

Whoever can endure the difficulty must go to the Kosel to join together with the Shechina, to weep together with the Shechina.

It is important that people see you; that they see something holy and sacred.

Go there if you can. Don't pay attention to others; let them pay attention to you. It would be a tremendous rectification for you and others if you are capable of going because you are letting people who are not connected to holiness, who are filled with impurity have the opportunity to see something holy.

With G-d's help, your going to the Kosel to cry with the Shechina might make an impression on other people. If people stop you to talk with you, you should talk with them.

A person must fight for Hashem. But, as I said, if one does not have that capability, then not.



Chapter 36 g

Lipi Aug.11.2007


I want to say to you all that you really should listen to our words. Repent right away and make amends with the people you have had problems with. At least ask them for forgiveness so that you will have done your part and get yourselves ready for the complete Redemption.

You must cleanse yourself inwardly and outwardly.

Clean your houses, clean your hearts, clean your heads, your minds, and your brains.

Focus all your desires on serving Hashem and nothing else.

Make sure you are clean inside. Don't get angry about anything because every thing, every person that causes us grief is a messenger from Hashem to test us, to see how we react. When things happen between two people, we are tested to see how we will react; do we accept is as humble people who nullify themselves before G-d or do we get angry and want revenge.


Chapter 36 h

FC with Shimon Aug.11.2007

Everyone must now do real teshuva. You must rectify all your weak spots, including: jealousy, the desires for things we don't have that others do, feelings of despair sympathy for ourselves, all of our dealings with immodest clothing although we should also not waste too much time dealing with even clothes that are modest.

In general, we must not let ourselves become too involved in dealing with things that bear no importance to a person and to the soul.

Pray a lot and say a lot of Tehillim (Psalms).

And don't forget that the world was created for us, in order to turn us into complete creations.

What exactly is the completeness, no one knows. Only Hashem knows. That is the final goal, for this stage, at least.

In order to be worthy of reaching that final goal, we have to change ourselves, so we will be worthy of the completeness.

And that is all we need to remember. That and nothing else. It's very simple. There is no way to get mixed up, unless we do not want this completeness, G-d Forbid.

If we specifically want to stay attached to this world, then we will never succeed in reaching the completeness, G-d Forbid. But whoever really wants to get to Hashem's final purpose and goal for us, with Hashem's help, they will be successful.

Again, the righteous ones will not suffer.

An evil person suffers from holiness. If we give an evil person "man" (manna) to eat for a whole year, he will suffer greatly. He will not have pleasures from the food. It will not be sufficient that the man can taste like a whip-cream cake; he will also want the texture of a whip-cream cake, the smell and so on.

But a righteous person will be happy to have spiritual food, food that is completely digestible and there would be no problem of sometimes having to be impure. The person's thoughts could be constantly involved with holiness without any interruptions. This also helps the person to advance spiritually.

In our world, now, most people, unfortunately, May G-d have mercy, want the pleasures of this world much more than the spiritual pleasures. They are so caught up with their passions and desires that they don't even have the free will to be able to change anymore. They have no desire to change, May Hashem have mercy.

So, I say again, do whatever you can now (to repent and leave behind the materialism), because afterwards if you will need to repent for anything, it will be with great suffering.  

The suffering will be the worst and the hardest during the last forty five days. It will be easy only for those who do teshuva.

From here on, we will give messages, once a week. You can ask us questions only if something happens [in the world].

And there will be no more questions and answers, even through the website on the internet. Just our messages.  

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