Chapter 37

Chapter 37 - They didn't want to leave Egypt

Aug.14.2007   FC with Binyamin


The first thing I want to say is that this is the end of all the personal questions and answers. For how long, I don't know.

We were sent here for the purpose of strengthening Am Yisrael, to tell and warn people that if they do not repent, a great tragedy will befall us, Heaven Forbid.

Hashem has an amazing sense of patience, so to speak, but even that will run out because if He lets His children cross the limit with their transgressing, they can lose and risk the entire purpose of the creation.

We do not have much time, therefore, because we are approaching the end of our exile, which is only a small part of the process of purification that we, the Jewish souls, must go through to reach the final goal and the final creation. This is why we keep going from one situation to the next.

We are already at the stage of birth and the birth has only just begun.

The world is getting ready for the birth.

The physical world is changing, like the weather and everything that is connected to the weather:

All the different, strange and incredible phenomenons we have seen over the past few years, including the Tsunami, including the fact that the North and South Poles are melting, strange situations like the weather in Romania reaching 50 degrees Celsius, all kinds of unusual storms in England, floods, a tornado in New York and hurricanes capable of wiping out an entire city like New Orleans.  

We are being prepared for a lot of troubles throughout the world; strange and numerous catastrophes. These troubles are the final rectifications of this long exile and not just of the exile but of the entire history beginning with the first man. This is all rectifications and there is no time because the birth is very soon and everything needs to be ready for the birth.

In addition to all this, serious preparations are taking place now for the upcoming war. There are already several horrific wars taking place throughout the world.

But sitting in our comfortable, air-conditioned living-room, we don't really pay attention to these wars, because they are so far away.

And who really cares about a few Sudanese getting murdered, or about how many citizens of Sri Lanka are being murdered, etc. There is also a war going on with the Western world against terrorists - Arab fundamentalists fighting against the Western world; this 'bugs' us a little bit more. But even that we would like to just forget about because it bothers us to think about it. Even with the fall of the Twin Towers, at the time, we were certain the Redemption was coming but then when it didn't and nothing major happened after that, we eventually just forgot about that danger as well.

But after the fall of the twin towers, a lot of things did happen and the world has changed completely.

Europe is turning into an Arab country.
In Pakistan, there is a dangerous threat that radical Muslims will overtake the government. Pakistan also has its secret of nuclear warfare.

And then there is that crazy guy in Venezuela who is threatening to close the taps of gasoline. Iran can also close the gas taps, as can Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

And if all the Arab countries close the gasoline taps for the Americans, what will happen then? America does not have enough gasoline to last for very long. Especially, since the Americans have the appetite of a pig, always looking to satisfy their unlimited desires. They use more electricity than any of the other wealthy countries.

Next to the USA, there is a state called Mexico that is becoming more obscene and more dangerous by the day.

The whole world, through elements of nature and the threats of war, is about to change, explode and come falling down upon all those that are against Hashem.

Now is the time of examination.

Every person has a file that is now being looked over and examined to see if there is any way to save them. This is being done for everyone, adults and children, men and women. And it's not at all simple. The world must undergo a major transformation - from a world of deceit to a world of truth.

What is a world of deceit?

This is a world that is supposedly based on fulfilling the will of man as oppose to the will of Hashem. To serve this purpose, man has created for himself his own Ten Commandments, and all of them start with, "I want, I need, I must have." Such a world evolves around the person alone and his desires. Among such people are those who live for the entire purpose of fulfilling and getting pleasure out of their passions and desires as well as those who are supposedly more on the gentle side and also seek some spirituality. Yet, even the spirituality they seek is not Hashem; it's their own form of idolatry.

Did you ever think about the Jews who never left Egypt?
How could it be that they were so attached to the Egyptians idolatries? Even though they kept their names, language and way of dress, in other words, they were religious, but they were still bowing down to idols!

How is it possible that even with all the miracles, they still did not want to leave Egypt?
The truth is that they did not want to leave their idolatries.
What does this mean?
It means that idol worshipping does have a form of power. It's not just some piece of rock.

And somehow it uplifted people's spirits and 'fulfilled' their needs and gave them pleasure and a good feeling.

How is this possible?
It's simple; there is some form of power in everything.

Every entity in this world has 'life'. You can take a rock and look into the life of the rock - every thing in this world has some kind of life - and within that rock you can find a sense of pleasure, a sensation that gives you a good feeling. Some people say that this is the idol that will bring them their salvation and yet it is the idol that wants everything that is forbidden in the Torah and that is very pleasurable.

People have built a world of deceit, a world where black is white; a world that is the opposite of truth; that is based upon the lies of the body's physical desires. It is not based upon the truth of the soul; it is based upon the lies of the physical body.

The situation today is very similar.

There are people who are considered leaders in this world, who claim there is 'democracy'. Democracy means that every person is free to do as they please, as long as they're not killing anyone or stealing from people, etc.

But truthfully, as soon as you give a person the freedom to allow his passions to run free, you will not be able to prevent him from stealing, murdering and doing things that are even worse than these.

Therefore, even the Jews who dress like Jews, in their hearts they still supposedly want this 'freedom', this 'democracy', to do whatever they want whenever they want. These people will not be able to live in a world of truth.

What is a 'world of truth'?

A World of truth is nothing but the will of Hashem. And after Moshiach comes, it will be a world without an evil inclination. Everyone will want to do nothing else but serve Hashem - nothing else at all.

Therefore it is difficult for people to even imagine what a wonderful world it will be. But we will live from morning till night and from night till morning for the sole purpose of serving Hashem.

And the pleasure will be tremendous. Yet even this is only a part of the process that will eventually bring us to the final stage of completeness - shleimus. 

This is the birth.

This is the time of the birth and the Redemption is the baby. And the baby will grow, and then there will be more changes. But that stage is too complicated to speak about.

It's not going to be simple; it's not going to be simple at all.

Hashem sent us prophets, true prophets - Nevi'ei Emes:

Yirmiyahu, Yeshayahu, Amos, etc. and a lot of tzaddikim who wrote commentaries about the words of the prophets and wonder of wonders! Everything they wrote is precisely what is happening now!

Hashem sent them to show Am Yisrael what will happen, how to understand it, and what needs to be done in order to be saved.

But most of the Jewish people and most of the gentile people are not giving any thought whatsoever to the prophecies and what is happening now in the world. Out of curiosity they speak about it a little here and there, as something interesting to discuss but nothing more. After that they just go on living the lies.

Now, as we are nearing the actual birth the pangs will be much more severe.
The Jews will suffer.
The whole world will suffer.

Edom will be completely destroyed, and there will be a war here (in Israel) that everyone knows as Gog uMagog.

What we are facing is not a simple matter - all the wars, the immense danger, all the suffering, the nuclear warfare, etc.

Everyone can see that here in Israel, the people are expecting a huge and very dangerous war to break out anytime soon, no other reality is possible, and they don't need prophecies to tell them that. It's already a fact.

However, Hashem does not need an atomic bomb to wipe out an entire country; He can just lift a finger, so to speak, and make it all disappear in a second.

And if it's says in the prophecies that Edom will be completely destroyed, then that is what will happen.

And if He says that the righteous people who repent will get through this dangerous period and survive, then that is what will be.

Oy, oy, oy, oy, Am Yisrael, why are you - why are we so stubborn (
קשי עורף, stiff necked)?

Why, why don't we understand the danger we are facing and that it is all happening so that we may be saved and achieve the completeness of the creation?
Completeness of creation. Shleimus habri-ah.

What is better - to come to completeness or to remain broken and depressed, like drunks who lie in their own vomit?

What more can I tell you? What else can be said?
Open your eyes. Look how low this generation has sunk that instead of seeking the path Hashem directed us to follow in the holy books, they need to listen to some poor autistic people. Indeed, this is a generation where many normal people are behaving like autistic people. They are totally disconnected from the truth. The autistic people themselves are more normal because we are connected to the truth. 

And when the complete Redemption arrives, our bodies will begin to function and our souls will remain pure.
And then, together with all of the Tzaddikim - the righteous Jews, we will go up to Beis Hamikdash and give sacrifices to Hashem.

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