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Secrets of the Soul


Facilitaded Communication with Special Reveals Startling Spiritual Mesages
Read online or download this free ebook “Secrets of the Soul" to discover the startling spiritual messages revealed by means of Facilitated Communication, a new method for communicating with the mentally disabled. The warm endorsements of some of the most illustrious gedolei Yisroel who feel that the astounding messages of these children should be taken to heart by all of us show that this is vital information for every Jew in our generation

Be prepared to rise up from the mundane issues of everyday life, to delve into a world that is ours, yet is beyond ours, a world of holiness. To read an enlightening review of this book - for BOOK REVIEW Click Here now!!

Dialogs and fascinating messages from a girl suffering from brain-damage and retardation. The moving personal story of a 10-year old girl who begins to communicate with her mother by pointing to letters on a letter board (“Facilitated Communication”).   To read or download the book “Galia” - click here

The World War III - Booklet
published by Bechagvei-HaSela 

NEW book 250 pages:

Discussions With Moishela
5770 - 5775
Introduction Written by Moishela

For individual messages please Click Here


Taken from the book: Secrets of the Soul



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